Kelly's Christmas Spinal Surgery

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We've reached our goal! You even took us above and beyond. Thank you all. Bless you and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Subscribe and check the updates tab for continued updates on Kelly's surgery. Follow Kelly on her public page for current updates, photos, and videos at

My 27 year old daughter Kelly is the apple of my eye and anyone else that has met her.  When meeting her you would see that she is the sweetest, bravest and most caring young lady you could possibly ever meet.

Kelly suffers from a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hyper mobility). This affects all her major joints, skin, blood vessels, and even internal organs. She has experienced serious dislocations of her jaw, ankles, spine, and much more. For the past 3 years, she has been suffering from many subluxations in the cervical spine, especially of her C1, C2 vertebrae. This has resulted in brainstem compression, spinal cord compression, and artery compression, causing extreme pain, nerve damage, and many neurological issues. Kelly is now confined to a neck brace and wheelchair and has to be under care 24/7 due to severe choking.

Unfortunately, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome affects her connective tissue which makes it very difficult to perform surgery on her.  In fact, every surgeon we contacted in our state and surrounding states were unable to perform the type of surgery Kelly desperately needs.

The good news:

Fortunately there is a surgeon that has the skills to perform the surgery and has had great success in helping other patients suffering from the same disorder. Kelly has an opportunity to receive this very intensive and crucial surgery that will prove to be both beneficial and challenging. Kelly most certainly deserves this opportunity more than anyone I know.

The surgery is scheduled for Christmas Eve, but unfortunately we cannot afford to get there.  We have exhausted all of our resources and this is our last resort. As of this moment we are now reaching out and asking for any help we can get.

Please consider making a donation that will make this surgery possible, in doing so you will be helping Kelly her family. We will be eternally grateful for any size donation we receive.

This fundraiser is not an orginization and is not taxdecutable. This is a gift to Kelly's family for her/their medical and travel expenses including three trips across the counrty to see her surgeon. The first for a consultaion, the second for the surgery and the third for the post surgical visit. Keeping our fingers crossed that she wont need anymore anytime soon.

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Sending Checks...

If you would like to mail a check, you can do so and we will update your donation as an offline donation on this site. So anything you send us will show in the amount raised. 
You can make the check out to myself, Wendy Koep and mail it to:

Per Kelly's wishes:

Kelly would like to send a personal thank you card (drawn by her) out to everyone that donates. Feel free to email your name and address to

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