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On November 9th, 14 month old Jantzen Burrow was taken to see his pediatritian for what was assumed to be a routine ear infection. His pediatritan sent him to Children's ER immediately for a CAT Scan where seven tumors were found on the base of his brain and spine. The largest of these tumors is wrapped around his brain stem.

Jantzen was immediatley admitted to Children's Medical Center of Dallas where within 48 hours he under went major brain surgery in an atempt to remove the malignant tumors. During the procedure only one tumor and half of another were safely removed. These highly-malignant, fast-growing brain tumors are known as medullobalstoma.
Post- operative complications arose for baby Jantzen. Once his draingage tube was removed it was discovered that he had a bacterial infection of the membranes covering his brain and spinal cord. This infection is known as meningitis.
Jantzen will start chemotherapy with in the next week. The doctors estimate that with 12 months of chemotherapy there is a strong chance these tumors can shrink to a managable size. Please help Jantzen, his mother Jennifer and Grandmother Martha during this difficult time.
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