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Join Momma Sarge's Battle with Leukemia

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Organizer: SFC LeVar "Big Sarge" Curry Beneficiary: Fredericka "Momma Sarge" Curry

This is for everyone that is not within traveling distance to make a donation for my mom. Anything you do will be a blessing. Thank you

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This is for my mother Fredericka Curry who has been battling with leukemia for the last year. I am blessed to be the match for her to do the bone marrow translplant, but it is going to cost extra for her to stay at the medical treatment center.  These additional medical costs are not covered by her insurance, so this is why we need all the help we can get. The more people I am able to reach to spread the word, the more I am able to help my mother.  Thank you in advance
SFC LeVar "Big Sarge" Curry


by SFC LeVar "Big Sarge" Curry
So with all of your good thoughts and prayers Momma Sarge is hanging tough. The leukemia came back so we have had a delay to do the bone marrow transplant. We will keep pushing as she is back at Johns Hopkins to undergo new treatment for a new form of chemo. God is good all the time.
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by SFC LeVar "Big Sarge" Curry
Thank you so much for those that have already donated.  I also want to thank all of you that are sharing my moms site link.  Helping to spread the word is a blessing.  She made it through this last round of chemo strong and positive. We are trying to set the bone marrow transplant for early January.
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