John Agger Cancer Treatment

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In December 2011 John, was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer.  He has one tumor in his pancreas and several that have moved into his liver.  In our efforts to win the battle against cancer, we turned MD Anderson in Texas for treatment.  As one of the two leading cancer centers in United States we were very hopeful that they would be able to successfully treat John.  After trying different therapies, they don’t believe chemo can help him. 

Throughout his treatment, we have adopted an organic, whole food diet and have researched the benefits of alternative holistic cancer therapies.  After much thought and consideration, we feel that this is a viable option and now--as our oncologist confirmed, our only option.    Our search brought us to Nature Cures Clinic in Portland, OR and since December of 2012, John has been undergoing holistic therapy under the care of Dr. Nigh.  The treatment has given back John's quality of life and he is once again able to enjoy time with his family.  We are optimistic that this treatment will enable him to beat his prognosis that says he has 2-4 years left to live. 

We believe in this treatment and have seen first hand its positive effects, but it is very hard to keep up with the expense involved.  None of our medical expenses or travel expenses related to this treatment are covered by insurance so we are paying everything out of pocket.  As we struggle to keep up, we are slowly falling behind and have only been able to continue treatment thanks to the generous donations of friends and family.  Whether we can afford it or not doesn’t matter, because how can you put a price on someone’s life?  We will continue to find a way.

John is an Air Force veteran and the father of three beautiful children who have their whole lives in front of them.  Before receiving the diagnosis, John was healthy and active:  we had no idea what kind of surprise was lurking beneath the surface.  The impact on our family has been incredible and the thought of seeing his children grow up without him is heartbreaking.  John is a wonderful father who deserves the chance to be a part of his children's lives.  Please help us to fight this battle.


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