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Jeryka Lobner Medical Fund Gymnastics Plus Manhattan Kansas

$4,620raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Pam Kasper Beneficiary: Jeryka Lobner

Jeryka Lobner, age 26, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in late February

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Jeryka Lobner, age 26, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in late February.

Jeryka is an eternal optimist, gymnastics club owner, gymnastics coach, drag car racer, and good friend to her students. 

Last summer Jeryka found out she had an aggressive form of bladder cancer.  She was successfully treated and cancer free!  Now she finds herself in another battle with cancer.  She will overcome this obstacle too and return to her gym and her team.

One of Jeryka's dreams in life was to own a gym. She realized that goal at the beginning of this year...two short months ago.  Her other dream was to marry the man she loves...Kyle proposed to her on February 4.

As a coach, Jeryka has inspired young girls to be their best and to persevere through all obstacles no matter how hard. She is known by everyone for her inspirational quotes...she always has one ready when needed.

 Jeryka lives and works in Manhattan KS.  

The doctors in Manhattan are wonderful, but she has chosen treatment at MD Anderson, a premier cancer hospital in Houston, TX.

Jeyyka’s blog is


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by Pam Kasper
New pictures....thank you LeAnn

by Pam Kasper
New pictures.  Thanks you Becky and Tera.

by Pam Kasper
Check out the pictures of Jeryka when she was a competitive gymnast. Thank you Kelsey!

by Pam Kasper
Thank for the pictures that have been sent!  We would like some more..... 

by Pam Kasper
If you have pictures to add please send them to  Thank you!





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