Jemma needs new hips!

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Jemma is only 10 months old, but the stories she can tell! In the summer of 2013 Black Forest was devastated by a huge wildfire. One of the victims, losing their house, was presented by an acquaintance with a little Rottweiler puppy to cheer her up. A gesture that was meant well but totall inappropriate. The lady didn't even know where SHE would live, let alone with a little Rottie. A kind samaritan offered to foster Jemma until the lady was either able to take her, or until a new home was found. This samaritan already had several dogs of her own and when it was discovered that Jemma was limping and had a possible ACL tear, they had to admit that they couldn't afford that surgery. We have a great network of pet-lovers in Colorado Springs and through networking a plea was issued for a rescue to take Jemma. Knowing that Lucky Dog Rescue couldn't afford such a big vet bill either, another kind samaritan offered to cover the bills for ACL surgery and LDR took her in. In a stroke of incredible timing LDR already had a possible adopter looking for a Rottweiler. So wheels were set in motion and Jemma was moved to her new furever home.

When LDR sent her to the vet for x-rays it was discovered that Jemma actually does NOT have an ACL tear, but bilateral hip dysplaysia and needs surgery in both hips. This to the tune of $9000. We still have the donation of the good samaritan, but we need help to cover the difference!

As always, donations do not need to be big. Every litle bit helps. We have over 1000 followers on facebook. If everybody just gave 1$ - that's $1000, $2, that's $2000, $6 and we reach our goal! If you can't donate - share, share, share. Social networking is amazing these days. You never know who will see this!!!!!
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