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Jaysson Lewis Benefit Fund

$1,940raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: Jessica Lewis Stevens Beneficiary: Jaysson Lewis

A fundraiser to help Jaysson Lewis

This fundraiser is closed
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As many of you know, Jaysson was unexpectedly diagnosed with kidney failure at the beginning of this year. Jaysson spent over a month in the hospital at Lourdes undergoing tests, procedures, and dialysis - much of that time, he was hospitalized because it was the only way to guaruntee him access to dialysis without the insurance necessary to receive outpatient dialysis treatments. Jaysson is now undergoing outpatient dialysis three times weekly, and he is on the road to recovery. His recovery requires more than just dialysis, though - he will also need a kidney transplant.

Jaysson will be working with a team of doctors and advocates in Binghamton and Albany over the next several months to facilitate the transplant, and here's the thing: he needs your help!

What could $2500 do for Jaysson? It could:

  • Pay for over a year of Medicare insurance premiums
  • Help to pay for the many prescription medications Jaysson's treatment will require
  • Be used to pay for travel expenses to and from Albany where he will meet with his transplant team regularly for analysis and, finally, his transplant

Thank you for considering sending your support to Jaysson. Every bit can help to make a difference, and thank you in advance for your generosity.

If you'd prefer to show your support in person, there will be a benefit dinner and silent auction (organized by Kim Birdsall, Jodi Arnold, Justin Birdsall, and Andy Decker with the help of many others) for Jaysson at the Vestal Elks Club on March 10 from 12-5pm.

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by Jessica Lewis Stevens
We've raised the goal! 

Due to the overwhelming generosity of Jaysson's friends, family, co-workers, and supporters, we are going to aim a little higher: $2500.

The difference this amount could make in facillitating Jaysson's treatment is huge, and we really (really!) hope we can reach our new goal.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us meet our initial goal in such a short time!

by Jessica Lewis Stevens
Thanks to everyone who has helped us reach our goal in just a few short days.
The fundraiser is still giong strong, and every contribution helps!

by Jessica Lewis Stevens
In just under 24 hours, we have already raised $440! I am so surprised and delighted by all of your generosity. Once we reach the $500 goal, the giving doesn't have to end! The fundraiser will continue until March 15 as planned, and all donations beyond our goal will still go directly to Jaysson for his medical expenses (and will still help tremendously). 






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