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We have some pretty disturbing news on Jasper. His surgery was performed last night and after shaving him down and cleaning him up, Jasper has burns covering 60% of his body. Dr. Ruland stated that she was trying to find anything else this could be besides what she suspected, however after ruling out any kind of mange, autoimmune diseases, flea allergy and everything else, she has come to the decision that Jasper has a chemical burn. She is sending in a skin biopsy to confirm, however at this point, she does not believe this is from mange.

Do to Dr. Ruland's findings, we have contacted proper authorities of the matter and gave them all the information they have asked for right now. We will let the proper authorities do what they need to do with the information we have provided and PFP will be concerning ourselves with getting Jasper back to good health. Since there may be an investigation started, we will not be making any statements or comments that may hinder any investigation. We will only be updating everyone on Jasper's overall health and spirits.

Original story:

Jasper's owner contacted Providing for Paws asking for help with medical care.  We had no idea just how bad he was until we went to pick him up.  He has been suffering from mange for a very long time.  According to his owners, only two weeks, however we do not believe this has happened in such a short time frame.  Owners were willing to surrender Jasper and once we found a foster placement two days later we went to get him.  

Despite treatment by our regular vet, Jasper became worse in just two days of seeing him.  Once we got him to foster home, his breathing was labored, he was stumbling when walking with his emaciated body and his eye looked as if something had been eating at it the last two days.  His eyes were bad two days prior, however not this bad.  We decided to take him to the ER where he was found to be in shock, a temp of 105 and his body was completely shutting down.  

Although we believe this is scabies mange, Dr. Ruland has never seen mange bleed so badly before.  He had dried up blood caked on every wound on his body, which is almost every where accept the top of his head and neck.  He is in a great deal of pain.  

We will do everything in our power to get Jasper back to good health.  We will need all of your support to help us get him there.  He was with these owners for almost 3 years.  I can only imagine how long he has been suffering.  Please help us in our efforts to bring Jasper back to good health.
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