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Jase Flood born on December 10 2012 was diagnosed with Lobar holoprosencephaly a rare congenital brain malformation in which there is failure of complete separation of the two hemispheres and failure of transverse cleavage into diencephalon and telencephalon. This birth defect occurs soon after conception. It has a prevalence of 1 in 250 during early embryo development, and 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 20,000 at term.  In most cases of holoprosencephaly, the malformations are so severe that babies die before birth. 

Luckily Jase was born alive and spent only one month in the NICU at St. Christopher's Hospital before coming home to his loving mother (KC), father (Joey), brother (Billy), and sister (Kylie). Since his coming home Jase and his family have experienced a multitude of challenges... One challenge is Jase having significant motor dysfunction. I.e.: Only having motor function of hands and arms; possibly never being able to crawl, walk or utter a word.  With the loving family he has they made sure to take any extremities needed for Jase to have physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Sometimes both parents had to miss days of work to make multiple trips to the hospital for check ups, medications, therapy appointments, and sleep studies.

Still giving their all to Jase they had much more challenges arise. Jase was soon diagnosed with developmental delay, mental retardation, and a developmental issue with his thyroid. Along with these sad findings Jase was declared blind and hearing impaired. Still his family continues to spend their lives catering to Jases' every need to help with his everyday development in life. With many happy moments in between such as Jase's first Halloween, first Birthday, first experience in a swimming pool, acceptance into the school of the blind and his first Christmas at home with his family it seems this adorable child and his family can't catch a break.

It is now one year and three months later since the time Jase was in the ICU at St.Christopher's Hospital and I am sad to say he is back in the ICU struggling to survive. On March 4th sometime around 6am Jase was driven to St. Christopher’s hospital by his father Joey for a 104 fever. After arriving at the hospital Jase's fever went up to 106 and wasn't breathing to well so the doctors wanted to put in a breathing tube  but before they could Jase stopped breathing, and his heart stopped beating. Jase was quickly given CPR for 35 minutes before he came back to life. Only 10 minutes after reviving him Jases’ heart stopped again.  CPR was once again administered this time for 45 minutes. The doctors were about to give up except for this one doctor who refused to give up  and said he just wanted to try for  few more minutes. 

Thankfully for that doctor’s faith Jase got a heartbeat back and was able to have a breathing tube put in. After this second revival Jase was immediately put on Life support and placed in the ICU. Jase's family was told he would most likely not make it through the night. Throughout the day the doctors placed a tube in Jase’s neck to administer medication only to have Jase start excreting blood through that very same tube. To keep Jase from bleeding out the doctors had to drill holes in the bones in both the hands and feet of Jase to run tubes for blood transfusion. The only bit of good news is that after being dead for so long Jase is not completely brain dead. It's a miracle that he is still here with us even days after the doctors stated he wouldn’t make it through the night. This little man and his family need all of the support they can get to get through this. In awful times like this most cannot function nor even attempt leaving your child’s side. 

For these very reasons loving family members close to Jase and his family are helping to raise money to help with expenses. Jases' parents simply just can’t bear to leave his side in fear of the worst. So please if you can contribute to this much needed cause it would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit counts! To all individuals who contribute we can’t say THANK YOU ENOUGH!

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