In Memory of Tyler Sensenbrenner

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On Thursday, January 31st, Tyler Sensenbrenner passed on while surrounded by his family at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Your comments and prayers have truly been appreciated through this difficult time, and will be held close to our hearts. 

Donations to this webpage will be sent to Tyler's parents who will distribute it between several funds they are setting up in Tyler's memory. 

Your Donations Will Go To: 
- Funeral Costs and Medical Expenses
- Sponsorship of a child(ren) for a school trip to Washington D.C. that Tyler had been truly excited about going on.  
- Memorial for Tyler's Rememberance

Tyler's Story

On Thursday, January 24th, Tyler told his parents that he felt too sick to go to school. Not long after, when his mother went to check on him, he lay quiet in his bed. It was not sleep that had overtaken him. Instead, his eyes were rolled back, and was having difficulty breathing.  It was clear that Tyler was in deep trouble and immediately, she telephoned for an ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital. 

This all occurred within a span of just over 3 hours. 

Tyler was transported to Sycamore Hospital as they tried to stabilize him, his last conscience moments were here as they decided his pain was too great and put him into a drug induced coma.  As his vital signs began to decline, doctors determined that a rampant bacterial infection was traveling through his bloodstream, attacking one internal organ after another. They needed to get him to Children's Medical Center quick and transported hims by ambulance immediately.  While there he was put on life support as the emergency team struggled to stabilize him.  Later that night, realizing that they were running out of options, they decided to have him transported once again to Cincinnati Children's where they specialized in this type of trama.  A doctor and nurse went with him in the hour long ride to Children's.  At Childrens they realized Tyler was in grave danger and surgeons and specialists were called in to try to save his life.  Doctors and a team of surgeons bypassed organs one by one in order to prevent them from damage.

One doctor remarked that without a doubt Tyler was the sickest child in the hospital.  Tyler's condition would place him in the most dire 1%. 

With time, it was determined that the infection was caused by the onset of the flu, which quickly developed to pneumonia and then to Staph infection, which is as aggressive in it's method of attack as the medications required to treat it. 

The infection led to a condition called "Sepsis." As his blood pressure fell to life-threatening lows, it became "Septic Shock." In essence, while the bacteria was ravaging Tyler's body, his own immune system response was so intense as to do additional damage to his organs. His own blood was poisoning him. 

Tyler remained at the hospital, where a legion of doctors, surgeons and nurses are attending to him. He stayed on full life support, as well as on an ECMO machine, without which, he could not live. He remained in a coma. His lungs, heart and kidneys were severally damaged. He underwent open heart surgery twice. Throughout it all, Tyler, only 14-years-old, demonstrated an internal strength and a tremendous desire to hold on to life. 

Sadly, sometime during the night between Wednesday, January 30th and Thursday, January 31st, Tyler's condition took a turn for the worst. Thursday afternoon, surrounded by family, Tyler passed away. 

Please consider providing a donation of any amount you can to support Tyler's family and memorial efforts. The medical bills are astronomical (into the hundreds of thousands) If that is not possible, your thoughts and prayers can be left as a comment on this website. Thank you for your tremendous support. 

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