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Let me tell you about my 13 year old cousin, Jack. He is usually very full of life and active. He loves hunting, snowboarding, wakeboarding, football and baseball just to name a few things. Around Christmas time, Jack started experiencing headaches. His headaches started to become more severe and he was missing school because of them. 

Everything changed on Monday, February 11.  He was feeling sick so Amy, Jack's mom, took him to see a Doctor. Jack had some bloodwork done which revealed he was in renal failure. He needed to get to get to Children's Hospital immediately, so he was flown by Helicopter from New London to Milwaukee. 

Jack spent the first few days at Children's in ICU. He had a bunch of tests done to figure out what was wrong with him. At first, all they knew was that he had a disease of both his kidneys and lungs. After some confirmation, Jack was diagnosed with a form of Vasculitis. It's an auto immune disease that is attacking the good cells in his kidneys and lungs. It is a relief to know the diagnosis but the treatment for this disease will take time.

After a few days, Jack's kidney function and creatine levels were starting to improve and he was able to move to the less intensive wing! :)  Jack's numbers are slowly improving, but he and his family know that this is going to be a long process. For now he is in a holding pattern where he will take his medications and continue his plasma and dialysis treatments. For now we can only hope that Jack's kidney's continue to improve. 

Jack was doing so well that he was allowed to go home on March 16. He was greeted by many friends and family, and his dog, Homer! However his time at home was short-lived. He was flown back to Children's hospital the following night due to complications. He has since been back in ICU continuing his treatments and monitoring his medications.  

His doctor's believe they have confirmed the type of Vasculitis that Jack has. It is very rare in adults, extremely rare in kids.  Lucky Jack... He is in the best possible care at Children's/Froedtert though, they are the only hospital in the area that can treat this type of disease. 

I am planning to run in the Cellcom Green Bay half marathon on May 19, 2013. My mother, Karen, and Amy, Jack's mom, also planned to do the half. However, with all that has been going on, Amy has not been able to do the training and will not run the race this year.

Karen and I are both able to run and would like to honor my cousin Jack and his family by running for them. Monetary donations can be made to this site which will be directed to Jack Goerlinger and/or Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. If you are unable to make a monetary donation, please consider donating blood or plasma. You can help save a life! 

Thank you! 

**If you would like to donate and are having issues with paypal or prefer not to use paypal, e-mail me at 



by Megan Goerlinger

Update from Jack's CaringBridge Journal:

"It's been a while since I have been out here.  Being home has been challenging to say the least.  Our new "routine" is much more hectic, but we are learning everyday to continue to be patient.

Unfortunately, I have to report that Jack is once again sick.   When he got home from the hospital Neely was fighting a very bad cold that turned into a sinus infection.  Jack is now dealing with the same crud.  It has wiped him out for a few days, but hopefully the antibiotics will start to work soon.  This is the reason that Jack has not returned to school, there is still way too much illness floating around there.

Other than that, the medicine has been working to keep his blood pressure under control.  Jack still has a dialysis catheter in his chest.  He was supposed to have it removed yesterday, but he was too sick to do the procedure because he needs to have anesthetic. We are hoping that he will be well enough to have it taken out next Thursday. 

Having that catheter gone will help to put Jack on the road to recovery.  It really keeps him from enjoying life the way that he would like to.  He has been out turkey hunting and even went to baseball practice one night, but the catheter definitely keeps him from doing the things he loves to the fullest.

So far... I have not taken for granted a minute that we have been able to be together again as a family and it has not always been easy... so good!"

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by Megan Goerlinger
I'm 3/4 of the way to my goal of $1000!! Thank you for your continued support! 
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by Megan Goerlinger
Hip Hip Hooray!!! Jack is home!!!!!!!!!!

Please continue to support Jack and his family!!
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by Megan Goerlinger

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Yes. You can donate with your credit card as a Guest on PayPal (no PayPal account required). After you click "Give" on the campaign, you'll be taken to a PayPal screen. At the top, you’ll see "Choose a Way To Pay." Click on "Pay with a credit or debit card." Uncheck the box that says "Save this information with a PayPal account. It's easy and free to sign up. Learn more about PayPal." Then proceed to donate as a Guest. Fundraisers must have a Premier Account that is verified.

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by Megan Goerlinger
Thank you to everyone for all of the support already! I have been asked if I would be willing to accept donations by check, of course! If you do not feel comfortable sending money via paypal I will gladly accept a check and see that Jack receives the donation.

Checks can be made out to me, Megan Goerlinger, 3535 Bell Rd #305, Nashville, TN 37214.
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