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How strong are you? Makenzie strong!

$2,830raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Meagan Wethington Beneficiary: Makenzie Wethington

This is for the supporters of Makenzie Wethington to help cover the medical expenses associated with her skydiving accident. We have to stick together through tough times!

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Makenzie Wethington is a 16 year old brave little girl! She had always wanted to go sky diving, so for her 16th birthday her dad agreed to take her. In her home state of Texas you have to be 18, but in Oklahoma a person can skydive at 16. To realize her dream, she and her father traveled to Oklahoma Friday night and woke early Saturday morning to take the required eight hours of classes to prepare for the fall. Makenzie was more excited than anything!

When they boarded the plane she was just too excited. When Makenzie jumped, her parachute got tangled causing her to spiral down from 3500 feet, free-falling the entire way. Miraculously, she survived the fall and was immidiately airlifted to OU Medical in Oklahoma City. Upon first entering the hospital, it was found that she had bleeding in the brain, liver, and lungs, a broken back, and a split pelvis. She was intubated and not breathing on her own. Makenzie continues to make progress toward recovery but is by no means out of the woods yet.

God and his Angels were definitely with her! Makenzie is here for a reason! Makenzie is a sophomore at Joshua High School in Joshua, Texas and a straight A student. She hopes to attend Baylor University and later go on to become a doctor...maybe god saved her life because she will be saving the lives of others in the future. She is fighting through this and not giving up!!

Please help us support Makenize through this incredible recovery. Donations of any amount are welcomed and very much appreciated as every bit helps!

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