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Hope for Kenzie

$2,580raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Family Beneficiary: Shawn, Katie, Brielle and Kenzie Lawatsch

we want to help with travel expenses to the cystinosis conference in California in April. Any donations or items to be donated or auctioned are greatly appreciated. any ?'s

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Our niece Kenzie was just recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called cystinosis. Being that she is 2 years old and happy all the time the diagnosis came as a major shock to her parents Shawn and Katie. Kenzie is one of the only people in the state of Wisconsin that has this disorder so we are trying to raise money to allow Kenzie and her parents to go to a cystosis conference and learn more about it. Kenzie will need to be on medication for the rest of her life and there is no cure for cystinosis yet. She may eventually have to have a kidney transplant and will have a lifelong battle. Shawn and Katie also have a 4 year old daughter Brielle.
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by Family
Kenzie is dehydrated and not doing so hot today. Her levels of medication were off so they are heading to Milwaukee tomorrow. She will get a G-tube placed which is a tube that goes directly into her stomach so they can give her meds ands  fluids. I'm hoping and praying this tube makes her life easier and gets her closer back to her happy self. 
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by Family
Kenzie was started on her medication this week which is great becase that will break down the crystals that are caused by having to much amino acids in her little body. The medicine smells and tastes like rotten eggs so katie and Shawnie and Grandma are working hard to get the meds in several times a day and night.
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