Hodson car crash expenses

$74,275raised of $240,000 goal

Beneficiary: Hodson family Organizer: Katie Evans

This fundraiser is closed

Thank you all for your amazing, generous donations.  We've quickly exceeded both my initial and secondary goals, and I am so grateful for all who are willing to help this beautiful family.

That being said, we now have a little better idea of what the costs of this accident might add up to, so I'm upping the goal by quite a lot.  I do not want Jenny and Kent to have to worry about money as they try to heal and take care of their family.  Here is the basis I used to come up with the new estimate (though bear in mind that this is all my own guestimation, and nothing at all official):
2 emergency lifeflights (likely not covered by insurance) -- $20K each
2 lifeflights between hospitals -- $10K each
an air ambulance to transfer Joshua to a hospital near his home at some point -- $30K
airfare and other travel costs between New York and Texas until then -- $5K
their medical costs not covered by insurance (co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, etc) -- $20K
in-home nursing care for Christina/Joshua for 6 months (since it will take Jenny a while to recover enough to be able to care for them) -- $25K
addition of wheelchair ramp, downstairs bedroom, and downstairs bathroom to their house (since Christina will likely be in a wheelchair for quite some time) -- $100K
This adds up to $240K.

I will continue to update their progress in the "updates" section of this website.

Here is the initial description of what happened:
On Sunday, July 14 Jenny Hodson, Tanya Evans (Jenny's mother) and Jenny's 7 children were in a rollover car accident in upstate New York.  Tanya died on the scene.  Jenny and her children were all taken to local hospitals, including two of the children being lifeflighted.  Jenny's elbow was shattered and doctors have performed initial emergency surgery.  She will have more surgeries.  Christina and Joshua are both on life support in the ICU.  Christina has woken up briefly.  Joshua has not woken up.  Three of their other children were also admitted to the hostpital for short stays.  Michael was discharged, and Andrew and Benjamin are being held overnight for observation.

During this time we don't want them to have to think about the enormous costs associated with lifeflights, surgeries and prolonged hospital stays.  This is not even taking into account the travel and other expenses associated with this happening 1700 miles from their home, or the cost of fixing or replacing their van.  Please help us take this one worry off their plate!

This fundraiser was set up by Katie Evans, sister-in-law of Jenny and Kent (married to Jenny's brother Jacob).  All donations, however, go directly into the Hodsons' paypal account.

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