Hilden-Smutzler Family Relief Fund - Medical Expenses Fundraiser

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Beneficiary: Kyra Hilden Organizer: Elizabeth Allen

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As you know, the Hilden-Smutzlers are an amazing family who are facing extraordinary challenges. Their oldest daughter Kyra has been struggling with Primary Immunodeficiency for almost two years. Usually a vibrant and energetic child, she has been bedridden since August with a number of infections. She is currently suffering from weight loss, vomiting, and terrible headaches, and needs constant care. She was just hospitalized Monday, February 20th due to her vomiting and weight loss. She will have to have some type of feeding tube for nutrition. Doctors continue to run tests to try to focus in on her specific autoimmune disorders and the reasons for her GI problems and headaches. But this is just the latest--Kyra has had many many tests and procedures over the last two years to diagnose and help her. For example, Kyra has infusions every three weeks (called Intravenous Immunoglobulin or IVIG treatments). Many of these tests and procedures have been quite specialized and not always covered by insurance. Tim and Natalie are still paying for inpatient hospital stay and lab work from 2010 (in addition to medical expenses from 2011 and 2012). This most recent hospital stay is already very expensive. Tim and Natalie just hired a wonderful helper for 20 hours per week to help with the constant and extraordinary demands the family is facing. Tim uses Family Leave Act to take time off work but this is unpaid, so they have lost income while incurring these additional significant expenses. This is a critical time for Kyra; she is hospitalized and depending on how the latest round of tests go, she may need to travel to National Institutes of Health for specialist team consultation. In the future, Tim and Natalie are hopeful that Kyra could return to school with the aid of a Robotic Avatar which allows students to attend school remotely (http://www.vgocom.com/remote-student). Tim, Natalie, Kyra, and Tess have been fighting the good fight for almost two years now. With all this upheaval to every aspect of their lives, it has been a scary, exhausting, and painful time. I know all of us who care deeply for this family want to do whatever we can to help them. Thank you so much for your help which can bring this wonderful family some measure of relief as they battle this terrible illness.
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