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Mandy, or Serenity as she is known to some, has been trying to get pregnant for over six year! In that time she has lost three babies to miscarriage, which as any mother who has a child or gone through a loss can tell you is devistating. There was no specific reason given for each of her losses. After countless test and procidures Mandy was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. 1 in 8 couples is diagnosed as infertile.

Mandy volunteers her time as a group moderator on the "Activetly Trying" board at Babycenter online and has done so for over the last four years. In that time she has helped hundreds of women reach their goal of pregnancy as well as countless others walk through the grief of infertility and loss. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and always seems to know just what to say to help lift somebody elses spirit when needed!
Next to helping other with their journey to conception Mandy is passionate about animals, specifically Pitbulls. She has one female pitbull who she loves like a baby and that she credits with helping her to feel human again! She has a passion for pitbull awareness and wanting to find safe forever homes for them!

Mandy did not ask for this to be set up for her! She has been told several times to do so but never has despite how many women and friends express their wanting to help, this is why I have done so- Every woman deserves the chance to know the joy of motherhood no matter how they come to it. Many may not recognize it but motherhood begins when the heart desires to have a child and become a mother. The journey is not always easy, it can be full of bumps and heartbreak, set back after set back, but the mothers heart does not give up! Please help us help Mandy reach her hearts deep desire!

Thank you!
To read Mandy's full length story in her own words please visit the following link:

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