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Harper shouldn't be alive, the best neonatal cardiologists told us she would die, to go home & wait for her to abort. We refused! Instead, we prayed! Begged God for a miracle.....HE answered us! And that is just the beginning!

Justin and Stephanie Valk were thrilled to learn they were expecting a 
baby girl, so they were devastated when doctors told them their little girl would die in utero due to a severe heart defect called Ebstein’s anomaly. In one short month doctors discovered her little heart was getting worse, beating as fast as 240 beats per minute, and her tiny body was accumulating fluid in her stomach, heart and skull. Doctors said she was in heart failure.

The Valk family traveled to Boston’s Children’s Hospital for a second opinion, praying for some kind of treatment and a miracle to save their unborn baby. Unfortunately, the best doctors in the country confirmed that their baby would die. They were told they could terminate the pregnancy, or just wait for her to die on her own.

As Christians committed to their faith, the Valks decided to put their faith in God and continued to pray, along with their church, family, friends and even strangers from all over the world, for their unborn baby girl.

By May, their prayers were answered when the doctors in Boston said she was 1,000 times better. Her heart was beating stable at 140 beats per minute, she was growing and all of the fluid was gone. The doctors had no explanation, admitting they were amazed at the baby’s resiliency and healing.

Baby Harper is a miracle baby, but she has needed a lot of help after she was born on August 2, 2012. She has needed 4 heart surgeries as soon as she was born, and her family has needed to stay in Boston for several months while she recovered.

Harper was finally transferred to Albany Medical Center at the end of November 2012, she was in & out of the hospital several times. With sepsis & feeding issues. Finally in January she had her severely infected gallbladder removed & that has made a world of difference.

She still has many upcoming surgeries including her cleft palate repair & her spine surgery. 

Harper is headed back to Boston's Children Hospital, leaving her Dad Justin & 4 older siblings at home.  Mom, Stephanie has remained by Harper's side thru every procedure & will be going to Boston at the end of April with her baby girl, who has to have a cardiac catheterization, a sedated echocardiagram.  Have her cleft palate repaired & be evaluated by audiology with the hopes that one day she could have a cochlear implant, because currently she is 100% deaf.  

Please help support this local family by donating to Harper’s Heart, an organization created to help the family with their expenses. Please join the Valk family on their amazing journey of survival, and be part of this true miracle.

Thank you & God Bless

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