Help with Aunt Robin's final expenses

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Beneficiary: The Family of Ms. Robin Cummins Dowd Organizer: Katrina Whatley

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My aunt was only 57 when she passed away. She was a dedicated nurse for over 30 years. She also served in the United States Army and worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. She loved Elvis Presley and horses!  

We believe she is now in Heaven playing practical jokes with my father (Tommy Joe) on our Nanny (Madeline), who both passed before her. She was very close to them both and missed them dearly! We are happy she has found them, but sad that it is due to our loss.

We all love her and she is missed by many friends and family.

Your contributions will help her family take care of not only the cost of numerous medical testing and hospitalization near the end of her life, but also just normal living expenses that were left unpaid, when she passed so quickly.Her daughter, Kamra, has taken on the  responsibilities and financial burdens for her mother's final expenses.  Aunt Robin passed away with no life insurance or health insurance. 

Thank you from all who loved Robin,
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