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Help to The Nett Family

$2,207raised of $3,000 goal

Organizer: Emily Morin Beneficiary: The Nett Family

Vince could not handle his depression any longer and attempted to commit suicide on 1/27/2014 by burning himself alive and now his family has the burden of his medical expenses

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On 1/27/2014, I was driving into school late when I saw a fire truck pull up behind the school. Thinking it was someone passed out I continued driving, that is until I found out that a student had lit himself on fire in the school cafeteria in a suicide attempt. All the students had to wait in the parking lot, wondering what happened, if he as still alive. I did not know Vince personally, but I know that he did not deserve to feel like he had to take his life in such a harsh way. He is now in the hospital in critical condition with 80% of his body burned. Medical expenses are over whelming for a simple doctor's visit, let alone being in critical condition in the burn clinic. Come together and support the Nett family with their medical expenses. Thank you. My name is Emily and you can reach me at To make a donation, we have a paypal account. It accepts all credit/debit cards and paypal accounts. Once again, thank you for donating.

With Vince Passing away 2/9/14, this passed Sunday, his family has asked for the donations to go towards his funeral. Please keep donating. 
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by Emily Morin
Vince has passed away today at 3:11pm. prayers go out to his family

by Emily Morin

Hello everyone! Someone suggested to me to also create a donation page on so there are now two webpages for the Vince Nett family. If you already contributed, there is no pressure to donate again, the money raised in both fundraisers will be brought together in one check and given to the Nett family. Once again, thank you all so much for donating and spreading the word!!

by Emily Morin
Working on a fundraiser with SmartCow!

by Emily Morin
I will be on the news tonight talking about the fundraiser and Standley Lake on FOX 31 news after the State of the Union address. Please tune in and keep donating!





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