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Beneficiary: Katelyn Norton and family Organizer: Julie Oakley

Katelyn Norton was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called a schwannoma tumor.  Schwannomas form in the tissues that surround and insulate the nerves. Katelyn survived a difficult surgery and an arduous rehabilitation.  Recently during a follow up appointment with the family's neurologist, regrowth of the tumor appeared on an MRI.  This was a shock to the family.  Katelyn will soon begin treatment for this reoccurrence.
Complications from the original surgery are still present.  Katelyn lost hearing in one ear and has paralysis on one side of her face.  Prior to this recent neurology appointment, the family had been seeking specialists to perform a facial surgery and recommend further surgical options for the ear nerve that was damaged.  These surgeries still need to take place, but Katelyn will need to face more treatment for the regrowth first. 

Katelyn and her family are facing many more expenses with this reoccurrence and need your help.  It is difficult for any family to weather such a financial undertaking with one major medical event, not to mention when a reoccurrence presents itself.  To make matters more stressful, the family is battling with their insurance company who has denied their claim to take her to a specialist for this type of tumor because they must cross state lines to do so.

Please help Katelyn's family by supporting her through your contribution to help with medical expenses. 

If you do not want to contribute online, please contact for a mailing address.

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