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From Beth Aweau, Scott's sister:

My brother Scott is currently fighting for his life in the critical care unit. I cannot go over all of the circumstances, but it started with a sore back/twinge when folding his clothes, to the ER where they said he had sciatica, and the drugs from the contrast dye and the medicines all hurt his kidneys. I will give you the run down of all of his current diagnoses. You will need to google if you want more. I don't have time to answer questions, I am so sorry about that. Please keep in mind now that while he is just a little overweight, he is a young, healthy guy with no past medical issues other than some clustered blood vessels in his liver that they have been watching for six years now, okay. 

He was admitted in acute kidney and renal failure. Then he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis (a break down of the muscle tissues), a UTI that crew out E.coli (he is getting antibiotics), bacteremia (he is getting antibiotics), acute liver and kidney failure (he will need a liver transplant and dialysis for his kidneys when he is healthy enough to do these things) and he had a silent heart attack Monday early morning. He has ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), which caused him to go into cardiac arrest, they brought him back after 5 minutes. He is currently intubated and cannot speak. 

But through all of this, thinking that I would be losing my brother/son (he is 11 years younger than me and I basically raised him), to being extremely hopeful. Today he was coming out of his sedation and he could answer yes and no questions. I asked if he knew who I was, nod. I told him I would be there for the day and he gave me the biggest smile and it made me cry. I told him my niece Ashley (Bain's mommy) was coming and another huge smile. I have never been so happy in my entire life.

So, if you could please, please, please keep him in your good thoughts and prayers. He needs them to continue fighting through. I've been trying hard to do a bedside vigil, as one of the last things he said 2 days ago when I asked how his night went was, "I hate to tell you this and I am sorry, but it kills me when you leave." That made my heart squeeze and I started to cry. I told him I would be with him as long and as much as I could. He told me he understood that I had to work... 

So, at some point my videos are going to run out. I have them scheduled to go live till next Saturday. I will just encourage you at that point to go back... I have almost a thousand videos for you watch and hopefully "enjoy!" I really truly enjoy you and I have missed trying to catch up with a lot of you. Thanks for your time and your prayers!!
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