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Help Save Our Children's Lives in Guinea, West Africa

$170raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Kalil, Alicia, and Sekouba Konate Beneficiary: The Children of Guinea, West Africa (Konate/Keita family)

Our children are dying at an alarming rate -cholera/malaria. Kalil's sister lost a baby last year and her new infant is in the hospital in grave condition. We need money now for vaccinations and food.

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50,000 dollars is a lot of money. What can you give? If we get a large donation we are going to hand deliver the funds to Guinea and build a school and health clinic in our village. That means traveling into a war zone and a country rife with violence, poverty, and sickness. Why would we do that? Because it is our family that is dying. They are our children that are working in the open pit gold mines. It is our mothers and fathers that have no resources to draw from to prolong the short lives of their babies. With God's help and your merciful contribution we will get enough money to send to our family of 500+ people in Guinea, West Africa to allow them to vaccinate all of the children and hopefully the adults, to get them wells for clean water, to provide for the purchase of rice and onions which they can't afford now that the country is once again in turmoil. How can you help? We are praying for a very large donation in order to build a school in our community where there is none; to build a classroom where the teachers in our family can purchase books to teach our children; to have enough money that the children won't be sent to work in the mines but will have the ability to learn, to study, to prepare for the possibility for a better life. 
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