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€278raised of €570 goal

Organizer: Sophia Paraschou Beneficiary: Vicky Vassa

Lady Pirate a stray female was attacked by a pack of other strays.Please help to cover her foster expenses

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Lady Pirate,a  stray female was attacked by a pack of other strays. She was found by animal lovers as seen in the picture and transferred to the vet. She was under surgery for three hours and she is now in a dog hostel.She has recovered but still needs to be in foster in a dog hostel.Her medical expenses and first month in foster have been covered thanks to your generosity dears. All she needs now is a couple of months more in the hostel, so we all beg you for your help. Will you please help Lady Pirate stay in paid foster for a couple of months more?
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by Sophia Paraschou

Dear animal lovers and friends,

Lady Pirate is now well again though she is still quite shocked and scared. You can easily understand that by watching her video. Therefore, her staying in a foster for a couple of months more was strongly advised. As we were unable to find a foster for free, Lady Pirate was placed in a dog hostel which costs 150 Euros per month. The name appearing on the Benficiary is the lady that owns the dog hostel and is currently fostering Lady Pirate.We would be more than grateful and consider ourselves really blessed f you could spare a little something so we could possibly cover that expense too. WE thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support

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by Sophia Paraschou

Dear friends,

Let me wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year first of all. Lady Pirate is well again and in search of a forever loving home. I just uploaded a video of her shot on 22/12/2013 for you to see her. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

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by Sophia Paraschou
Lady Pirate is now out of danger but still needs to be fostered and take her medicine.She thanks all her supporters for their generocity and begs for her fundraiser to be shared as the amount for her fostering in a dog hostel has not yet been covered. Thank you dears
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by Sophia Paraschou

Lady Pirate a stray female was attacked by a pack of strays a couple of days ago. She was transferred to a vet the moment she was spotted. She had been operated on and placed to a dog hostel to recover. She is still in a critical situation and needs antibiotics. Her medical account has as follows:

operation cost: 100 euros
medicine: 20 euros
Dog Hostel foster for a month: 150 euros

Total: 270 Euros

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