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Beneficiary: Jacqueline S. Homan Organizer: Solidarity in Sisterhood

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A well known and active feminist writer and human trafficking survivor is destitute andneeds help to pay for her treatment of glaucoma. If it goes untreated irreversible loss of her sight and eventually total blindness will occur. She has zero income except for food stamps and $20 or so a month in book sale royalties. She is badly in need of new glasses and contacts both to properly see as well. Without her sight she has no chance of coming out of deep poverty that she has been struggling in without reprieve for many years since escaping the sex trade. At the moment she is taking a online computer course in the hope of being able to reenter the job market, after having been trafficked from age 13 to 17 when she escaped 28 years ago (she is now 45 and still struggling in extreme poverty). Fleeing exploitation is part of what she has been incorporating in to her feminist writing in her  just released self-published book, Without Apology, to uncover the truth about the sex industry and how poor and marginalized women are often shoved into a class of women slated for exploitation and abuse. Help out sister to make it out of the poverty trap and continue to tell the truth nobody wants to hear. Together we can change her life for the better. And give her a chance to live instead of merely survive with the odds stacked against her...
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