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If you live in Bayonne, you probably know Roger Hahn. He is a big jovial guy, who is a wonderful person and always helpful to his peers. Roger loves Bayonne and the people who live there. 

Unfortunately on June 4th, 2013, Roger had suffered a motorcycle accident in downtown Bayonne and has suffered a broken neck, broken ribs, a punctured lung, amongst other injuries to his head and shoulder. If you know Roger,  you know that he likes to help his friends. He is a wonderful handyman who can fix practically anything. Perhaps he may have fixed something for you.

We thank the LORD that Roger will live through this horrible accident. However, it is no doubt he will be encumbered with large amount of medical bills. As a result of the accident, it will take Roger several months of rehabilitation to bring himself back to good health. During this time, he obviously will not be able to work, to earn the income to help support his family. This is exactly why the family can use your help and the sole reason behing Roger Hahn and his family are the direct beneficiaries of the donations received on this website.

Please donate whatever money you can to the fund. We are all well aware that money is tight these days, so please do what you can.  You can donate as little as a $1.   Pennies make dollars and the more dollars we can raise together will really go to a good cause. If you can, kindly help a good man and his family, during their time of crisis.  You can be absolutely certain, that your money is going to a good use.  Thank you for visiting the Roger Hahn & Family Fund For Medical Bills at We ask that you come back often to make donations and/or to get frequent updates related to Roger's progress.

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