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If you live in Bayonne, you probably know Roger Hahn. He is a big jovial guy, who is a wonderful person and always helpful to his peers. Roger loves Bayonne and the people who live there. 

Unfortunately on June 4th, 2013, Roger had suffered a motorcycle accident in downtown Bayonne and has suffered a broken neck, broken ribs, a punctured lung, amongst other injuries to his head and shoulder. If you know Roger,  you know that he likes to help his friends. He is a wonderful handyman who can fix practically anything. Perhaps he may have fixed something for you.

We thank the LORD that Roger will live through this horrible accident. However, it is no doubt he will be encumbered with large amount of medical bills. As a result of the accident, it will take Roger several months of rehabilitation to bring himself back to good health. During this time, he obviously will not be able to work, to earn the income to help support his family. This is exactly why the family can use your help and the sole reason behing Roger Hahn and his family are the direct beneficiaries of the donations received on this website.

Please donate whatever money you can to the fund. We are all well aware that money is tight these days, so please do what you can.  You can donate as little as a $1.   Pennies make dollars and the more dollars we can raise together will really go to a good cause. If you can, kindly help a good man and his family, during their time of crisis.  You can be absolutely certain, that your money is going to a good use.  Thank you for visiting the Roger Hahn & Family Fund For Medical Bills at We ask that you come back often to make donations and/or to get frequent updates related to Roger's progress.




August 22, 2013 4pm

Greetings to all of Roger's family and friends --

Today there was an article on NJ.COM and may even be in the Jersey Journal newspaper all about Roger and the accident. There is even information related to the various fund-raisers created to help Roger and his family during their time of crisis.

We want to say thank you to Felix Alarcon who had contacted representatives at regarding the story. Felix had met with Roger and his family as recently as Tuesday evening. Roger and Carmen spoke with him for a while and gave an interview. Felix wrote a nice story.

We ask that you let this be a sobering reminder that Roger's is not out of the woods. We ask you to please donate if you can. Donations can be as small as $5. Donations are tax deductible and all the money goes directly to benefit Roger and his family. We appreciate all of your support.

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Posted on 08/18/2013 by Organizer

Greetings to Roger Hahn's friends and family --

We said we would be back with more information regarding the series of accidents Roger had suffered not long after coming home. Here is information related to the first accident Roger had experienced after he came home from Kessler's Rehab.

Accident #1  July 17, 2013:

If you ever had to wear a hard neck collar you know how uncomfortable that can be. Trying to sleep is even worse. Roger likes to lay back in his recliner and sleep in the chair because it is more comfortable for him.

One night Roger had fell asleep on the recliner in his den. Roger was sleeping peacefully until approximately 4:00 am. Roger had the recliner fully extended whereby it was like he was almost laying in a bed. Because Roger is a big guy and he has all that hair on the top of his head his body is top heavy. As Roger was snoring away, probably in the middle of a dream, the recliner tips over and Roger falls on his head. Needless to say that this caused a panic in Roger's house and his family rushed him to Jersey City Medical Center so that he could be checked by a doctor. After a series of examinations which included, MRI and CT Scan, it was determined that Roger fortunately did not further injure his neck or his ribs. Roger was totally spooked after that event and has since put a container with a pile of bricks behind his chair. That was accident #1 of three for Roger. Stay tuned for information related to the the additional accidents that Roger encountered. 8-)

If you haven't had the opportunity to donate a few dollars to the Roger Hahn foundation and, please visit. and make your donation now. Donations can be as small as $5 and are tax deductible. It would help Roger and his family who are in a financial bind as a result of these negative events that they have encountered. Roger will not be able to work for months if he can ever work again.

If you recall Roger's younger son Brandon was in a terrible accident during a little league game and had to have emergency surgery. Poor kid has been in a cast all summer. Then Roger's accident happened a short time thereafter. We are certain that you can only imagine how devastating that can be.  Everyone can thank their LORD that it didn't happen to their family. So a donation as small as $5, can be made on to help Roger and his family get through these difficult events. Stay tuned as will be back soon with more information about Roger's recovery from his mototcycle accident that happened in downtown Bayonne.

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August 17, 2013 - 2 pm
Greetings to all of Roger's friends and family -
Much has transpired since we last posted on and finally we have had the opportunity to give all of Roger's friends an update regarding the accident.
Roger is at home in Bayonne, convalescing after a motorcycle accident nearly killed him.
When Roger finally got out of the hospital, he was sent to Kessler's Rehabilitation Institute in NJ, where he spent some time rehabilitating so that he could come home and take care of himself.
The rehabilitation process was grueling and terribly painful but Roger persevered and made it through. Roger was discharged from Kessler on July 15th, 2013  and was finally permitted to come home to be with his family.
Roger was home only a short time when a series of accidents landed Roger back in the hospital. Roger needed to have additional clinical testing to determine if any of the accidents may have caused the progress he has made healing (especially his neck), to go backwards. MRIS, CT scans, etc. they all had to be done over again to make sure he didn't suffer a serious setback. Fortunately, Roger was not seriously hurt and is currently home again making progress regarding his recovery. Roger continues to wear a hard neck collar which the doctor says needs to continue for another month or so. Anybody who ever had to wear a hard neck collar knows how uncomfortable that can be. Especially in the summer when the weather is warm. Roger is frustrated with the collar because he has be wearing it since the surgery, but he understands it's only another month or so that he has to bite the bullet and deal with it.
Roger and his family have been impacted severely by this unfortunate accident as would any person or his family.  Notes are nice but money is better. To Roger's previous contributors and anyone else who might be following, please consider a donation of a few dollars to help Roger and his family stay afloat while helping to keep online. It doesn't have to be a big donation, it can be as small as $5. All money that is donated is wired to an account which has been created to help Roger and his family pay their bills until Roger is able to work again. is proud to thus far have raised in donations enough for a one house payment and a little bit extra. Anything you can do to help is very much appreciated and will be put to good use. We want to be able to keep bringing you information related to Roger's recovery and we know that all of Roger's friends want to be updated regarding Roger's recovery. Besides we have more information that we will share with you about those series of accidents. 8-)
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07/04/13  -  3:20pm

Welcome home Roger! On July 4th, 2013, Roger was finally released from Kessler rehabilitation center in Saddlebrook to resume the healing process at his home. 
We are so happy to see Roger progressing like he has and we are sure you do too. 

Roger's journey is not the least bit over, as Roger has months of rehabilitation ahead of him.

He still needs financial help to get through this crisis and with your help we can reach our goal of $25000.  Please donate at You can donate $10, $5, $1 or as much as you like.

If you have already donated, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your donation helped Roger and his family immeasurably during this time of crisis. That is why we asked that you kindly consider donating again. Remember, your donation can be as small as $1.

Thank you for all of your support!

Friends of Roger Hahn

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Roger has been in Kessler's Saddle Brook rehabilitation facility for approximately one week now. He continues to improve the condition of his health. Unfortunately, Roger is experiencing some pain problems, mostly because of his damaged lung and broken ribs. Aside from those issues, Roger has also lost a considerable amount of weight.

On Tuesday 7/2/13, the doctors are going to re-evaluate Roger's case and determine when he can come home.

If you would, call him on his cell phone if you have the number. He has his phone and can use it to take calls. It would really cheer him up.

Remember if you haven't yet found our website which is a fund-raiser for Roger Hahn's medical bills, then please visit You will be able to read the past postings and if you are feeling generous you can help a fine man and his family during a time of adversity.

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06/22/13 - 3pm

That is Brandon in the picture above with his father Roger. Brandon was also in a very unfortunate accident that took place during a little league baseball game about two months ago. Brandon had to have emergency surgery to repair his broken leg. does not have all the details but we heard it was pretty gory. Poor Brandon was in a cast the full length of his leg. That is a lot for a little boy to handle. Nevertheless, Brandon is pushing to get better everyday just like his dad. You can see him in the picture above, at the hospital giving his father some encouragement.

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06/22/13 - 2pm

Four days post op and Roger is doing better. Roger has been sitting up, eating and has even walked a little bit. Roger looks to be on the road to recovery. The process maybe slow at first, but Roger will continue to get better as time goes on. Roger is still at the hospital in Staten Island over the weekend but he is scheduled to be moved to a in-patient rehab center in NJ. Most likely Kessler. Roger will stay at the rehab in NJ for another week or so before he can come home back to Bayonne. We will post new information as it becomes available. If you know Roger, then we ask that you support this effort and donate to this cause. Donations can be as low as $1. Thank you for visiting we appreciate your support.

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06/19/13 - 5:30 am

Yesterday late afternoon,  Dr. Edwin Chang, a Staten Island Neurosurgeon, performed a cervical spine surgery to repair Roger's broken neck.

As you already know, the surgery was necessary due to Roger's motorcycle accident in downtown Bayonne. We are pleased to announce that the surgery was apparently a success. Using various forms of hardware including plates, screws, etc., the Neurosurgeon was able to stabilize Roger's cervical spine so that Roger may begin to move about and embark on his road to recovery. 

All of us at, want to thank you for your generous support. Thus far we have raised over $1500 to help Roger with his medical expenses and we are hoping to do better. Roger's recovery will take several months and during that time he will not be able to work in an effort to support his family. This is the unfortunate outcome of his motorcycle accident and the injuries that he sustained.

If you have not made a donation to the Roger Hahn fund for medical expenses, or you would like to make another donation to the fund, please do so using the donation tools on this website. Roger and his family are tremendously grateful for the outpouring of support that all of you have provided and they wanted everyone to know this. has been set up with the intention to help Roger Hahn and his family cope with the burden of the medical expenses associated with this motorcycle accident. It is not clear at this time,  when exactly Roger will be released from the hospital. However, we anticipate that his release may take place in the next few days.  Donations will continue to be accepted at, where you can also send Roger and his family well wishes and additional support.

As soon as the information becomes available related to Roger's release from the hospital, we will post it here for you to read. Thank you to all who have generously shown their support. Donations can be as large as you like or as small as $1.  Any support that you can provide is very much appreciated.

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06/18/13 - 9:30am

Today's the day for Roger's cervical spine surgery.

Roger's surgery will take place at 1pm at Staten Island Hospital at Port Richmond.

Please keep Roger in your prayers that he comes through this surgery without complication. As soon as we get an update regarding the completion of the surgery we will post it for you to read.

Thank you for all of your support in helping us with this cause. The money that we have raised thus far has already been put to good use.

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06/16/13 Sunday 2:30 pm 

A short update to the friends of Roger:

Roger is having cervical spine surgery one day this week. Most likely the procedure will be done Tuesday or Wednesday. Regardless of which day the complicated surgery takes place, please say a prayer in an effort to support Roger and to help him through this surgery and then the rehab thereafter. 

As soon as we know a firm day/time of Roger's surgery, we will post it and let you know. 

Thank you for all of support.
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06/14/13 4:00pm - 

Surgery Woes Continue for Roger Hahn. We have had a recent change of plans regarding Roger's transfer. Because of the rules related to the Roger's Aetna Insurance policy and their procedure regarding  patient transfers, Roger will have to remain at the Staten Island hospital and not be transferred to Newark University Hospital after all. This is obviously just an unfair rule by the giant insurance company.  Anyway, more importantly, a  Neurosurgeon who is capable of performing Roger's neck surgery, (don't know his name yet)  in the Staten Island hospital where Roger is staying,  will meet with Roger in the next day or so to evaluate Roger and confirm whether he can perform the neck surgery right there in that Staten Island hospital. If the doctor can perform the surgery in the Staten Island hospital, then Roger can have the surgical procedure done sometime next week.  If you would like to help, you can make a donation as low as $1 to help Roger and his family pay the related medical expenses. Come to and see the updates related to Roger's progress. Please visit to show your support and/or stay up to date regarding Roger's recovery from his June 4th, 2003 motorcycle accident. Come by today. Thank you for all of your support.
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06/14/2013 Update:

Big News! has helped locate a top notch Neurosurgeon in University Hospital in Newark who has agreed to take on Roger's case. The doctor has recommended and agreed to perform the necessary spine surgery which will hopefully correct Roger's broken neck. The money that we have raised in donations at, has paid for multiple copies of radiology films (xray and mri) as well as messenger services who have carted the films and reports to hospitals and medical offices all over NJ in an effort to locate a doctor who has the experience to perform Roger's spine surgery. Now that the surgeon has been located, the funds from your donations will fund Roger's transfer from Staten Island hospital to University Hospital in Newark. The insurance company will only pay a small  portion of the transfer fee if anything at all.  We all know that money is tight,  so this effort would have been impossible without the donations we have received at Your donations have helped locate a capable doctor with the necessary skills, who can perform the surgery to fix Roger's broken neck.  This is a good day for Roger and his family. They have all the wonderful supporters to thank for it. Roger and his family want to say thank you to everyone who has done their part to support this effort. Please remember that we still have a long way to go so please visit and show your support today. There will be plenty more bills to pay.  No donation amount is too small. You can donate $1 if that is all you have. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated. The money will continue to be used to fund the effort to restore Roger to good health. (a fund established to help Roger and his family help pay Roger's medical bills) Thank you for supporting this effort.  WWW.ROGERHAHN.ORG
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Here's an update and a shout out to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful support we have received at We have already passed the $1500 mark on day 5 of our fund-raiser for Roger's medical bills. The money is ALREADY going to great use to help the family with the duplication of MRI films, along with messenger services being sent all over NY and NJ in an effort to locate Roger a specialist in Neurosurgery to repair his broken neck.  If your preference is to send checks, money orders, gift cards, etc.,  instead of donating money directly at the web site, then please send your donation directly to Roger's home. If you need the street address of the home then kindly contact the organizer @ and we will provide you with the information.  We wish you could only see how your support is helping out. You would be very proud of what is going on. Roger and his family are extremely grateful for all of your support and cannot say thank you enough. Thanks again and God bless you all for helping our friend during this time of crisis.  Remember no donation is too small and if you prefer to remain anonymous you may do so during the donation process. Please visit today to show your support. Thanks again.
Thank you.
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