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Help put our Princess Emma back together again!

$2,855raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Kirk and Sheila Adams Beneficiary: Emma Caroline Johnson

As Princess Emma is recovering she is about to embark on the next phase - Day Rehab. 6 hrs/day- 5 days/wk-$200/hr =$6000/wk. YOU can be a part of seeing Emma return to 100%. Please help today.

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Emma Johnson had a traumatic brain injury she sustained on 12/31/2013. She has been hospitalized since that time and will soon be dismissed from Scottish Rite and go home on 3/18/2014. She will then begin Day Rehab at a cost of $6000 per week. Unfortunately, insurance will only cover 5 weeks of outpatient rehab.  Princess Emma will most likely require 5 months of Rehab with most of these $6000 weeks being an out of pocket expense for David and Lisa.  
We need the great community of friends to reach out and help to defer these massive medical expenses. You can start the process of helping Princess Emma recover by donating to this great cause today.  100% of your donation goes straight to this family with Zero Fees.  ALL OF YOUR DONATION GOES TO HELP OUR PRINCESS RECOVER. Thank you for helping us reach our goal. 
We love you and thank you in advance for all your prayers and financial blessing to this family. 
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