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Help Tyson Stay Strong.... Snader Strong

$64,185raised of $75,000 goal

Organizer: Tyson's friends and family Beneficiary: Tyson Snader

Donate to Tyson Snader's medical fund to help him recover from a severe spinal injury.

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Please consider making a contribution to help Tyson and his young family, and share Tyson’s story with others using the buttons to the right.

For those of us who know Tyson, it comes as no surprise to hear that shortly after arriving at his work picnic on August 4, he headed straight for the pond. In typical Tyson exuberance, he went quickly, head-first, down a slide into the pond, unaware of its shallow depth. Hitting his head, Tyson’s 7th spinal vertebra was shattered and the 5th and 6th vertebrae were fractured. After emergency surgery the doctors believe that Tyson may regain control over his arms. But the prognosis for his lower body is less encouraging. The muscles below Tyson’s chest are expected to remain paralyzed. Tyson is preparing to start physical therapy in Philadelphia in the next few weeks, and with the hard work and determination that he puts into every aspect of his life, we are certain that he can defy all odds. 

Any description of Tyson has to start by mentioning his free-spirited, fun-loving, and constantly optimistic outlook on life. Born and raised in Lancaster, PA, Tyson graduated from Manheim Township High School in 2001. In addition to swimming throughout his youth, Tyson was a star on the Township Cross Country Team and went on to run at Susquehanna University where he earned a B.S. in Environmental Science. He spent the six months following graduation hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine with his dog, Maggie. After his long trek on the AT, Tyson worked several jobs in Maryland before returning to his hometown to be a manager of the CSA for Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.

Tyson loves listening to (and sometimes playing) music. He is an avid fan of the band Phish, going to several concerts a year. Whether it’s cheering for the New York Giants, routing on the Penn State Nittany Lions, running, gardening, or spending time with his family and friends, Tyson has always approached life with great enthusiasm.

It was while he was living in Maryland that Tyson rekindled an old friendship that sparked a lifelong journey with his wife, Lacey. The photo above was taken at their wedding reception just two months ago. Their son, Hudson, was born in October 2011. They face many financial challenges ahead, including paying for any uninsured medical expenses, creating an accessible home, buying an accessible vehicle, and providing ongoing care throughout Tyson’s recovery. This money can also be used for any of the family's food, moving, or other expenses. 

In addition to Lacey and Hudson, Tyson’s parents Ken and Helen, his siblings Kiersten, Brandon, and Gavin, and his entire family appreciate your support, thoughts, and prayers.  

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by Tyson's friends and family
Thank you everyone for your incredible generosity as your support has overwhelmingly helped us surpass our initial goal.  We are realizing that our goal is a moving target as we see how much an injury of this severity can affect a young family.    As we move into a new phase of fundraising, with several events and other efforts currently in the works, we are (excited to say) that we are able to increase our goal.  We can't express how thankful we are for your continued support.

by Tyson's friends and family
If you haven't heard, Tyson moved to Mcgee Rehab Clinic in Philly this past Wednesday.  Its taking some getting used to, but there is no doubt that its the right place for Tyson to be.  Keep reading the updates and writing on the gues log at

by Tyson's friends and family
Thank you to the friends, family members, and even strangers who have rallied to help Tyson! His family has been reading your messages every night and they are very touched by your kind words and ongoing support.  

by Tyson's friends and family
Tyson is making incredible progress and so are we!  Please continue to support Tysona and his famiy and don't forget to read more about his progress at

by Tyson's friends and family
The support that Tyson and his family have already recived from all of you is overwheming.  Thank you!  Based on the suppport that we have had in just the first few hours we think we can do more for Tyson then we had ever previously thought and will be upping our goal!  Please continue to spread the site to your family and friends.  And of course, please keep Tyson and his family in your prayers!





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