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Help Paul complete his extraordinary journey

$1,180raised of $16,000 goal

Organizer: Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason Beneficiary: Paul Mason

980lb Paul Mason loses 672lbs and now needs skin operations to regain his mobility and independence.

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Paul Mason is from Ipswich, UK and has struggled with an eating disorder which saw his weight grow to 980 pounds before the NHS granted the gastric bypass surgery he desperately wanted to help him control his eating and facilitate his weight loss. Since his surgery in February, 2010 Paul has lost a staggering 670 pounds and has turned his life around by addressing the reasons for his addiction to food.

Gastric bypass surgery is not a guarantee of success in keeping the weight off as many people end up putting the weight back. Paul’s success this far is not only one of pounds shed, but of changing his relationship with food.

His journey is far from over as Paul has been left with roughly 100 pounds of loose skin which prevents him from walking more than a few steps before the weight of it causes his skin to split. He is unable to exercise to continue to build up his strength and continue to lose weight to reach his goal weight of 200 pounds. He still must rely on a wheelchair to get around and do day to day activities.

The usual procedure for people loosing hundreds of pounds of weight is to have several separate surgeries to remove the excess skin as their weight declines. Currntly, Paul must rely on the NHS (National Health Service) to provide the medical care he needs. So far the NHS has refused to grant even one skin removal surgery, saying that Paul's weight must be stable for 6 months before they will consider the surgeries. However, since Paul's weight loss is so great it could be years before his weight loss stops and even then, the wait list for surgery could be years more. Paul has decided that waiting for the NHS to cover the surgeries he needs could leave him unable to walk for years to come and that is not an option.

Paul’s goal is to reach out to people who are suffering from eating disorders and weight problems and help them with his own personal experiences. Paul understands that surgery alone is not the solution to turning one’s life around and has himself relied on counseling to help identify the reasons for his over eating so that he would be able to succeed with his weight loss.

Once Paul has had the surgery to regain his mobility, he plans to move to the U.S. where he will partner with his girlfriend Rebecca in running a small business. Paul also plans on launching a business selling handcrafted jewelry and cards.

The surgery Paul needs would remove the loose skin in stages allowing him gain mobility and achieve his goals. A New York based doctor is willing to offer her services at no charge, but there are many related medical expenses such as transportation, hospital fees, medication and aftercare that he needs to raise money for.

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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason

Paul has been back in the UK for 4 months now, awaiting approval for his medical visa to return the U.S. for surgery. We are attempting to get help in the U.S. to expedite his visa as Paul has ongoing issues caused by the excess skin which can only be resolved after surgery.

While Paul's surgey and hospital stay is being generously covered by Lenox Hill Hospital, he will still have to pay for the after care which will likely be in a facility close to the hospital. Hopefully Paul will have a speedy recovery and no serious complications.

Thank you all for your support. It's greatly appreciated!

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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason
Paul met with Dr Capla for his consultation in NYC on Monday and we were both happy to learn that she feels confident that she can proceed with the surgery to remove the excess skin on both his arms and stomach, although Paul will need to undergo the routne tests before the actual surgery.

The doctor says surgery to remove the excess skin on his legs will wait until he has recovered from the first surgery which will be at least 6 months later.

On Monday Paul and I were taped on The View and the episode aired today. We were both thrilled to learn that after being contacted by The View, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York has agreed to cover the additional costs not covered by Dr. Capla's offer of donating her time and expetise.

We could not be happier about ths news! This greatly reduces the amount we need to raise. Now we will focus on the after care and recovery time. Paul will need to stay in NYC until he has completely healed. Since the recovery time is unknown, we are unsure of the amount needed to cover the after care. Any funds raised which are not needed for the after care on the initial surgery will be designated towards his second surgery on his legs.

We are both so grateful to everyone who has donated and to Dr. Capla and Lenox Hill Hospital for thier generous offer to help Paul regain his mobility.

Paul plans to return home to the UK and obtain a medical visa which will allow him to stay in the U.S. long enough to fully recover. Then he'll schedule the surgery!

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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason
Paul has his ticket to fly to the USA to have his initial consultation with the NY doctor who has offered to help with the surgery he needs! If all goes well, Paul will be able to raise the funds needed to move forward. The first surgery he needs is the most important. The apronectomy will remove the excess skin around his stomach and back. Once this has been done Paul will be able to become more mobile without the problem of the excess skin tearing. He'll slowly be able to build up strength in his legs and use his mobility chair less and less. However there will still be surgeries needed to deal with the excess skin on his arms and legs. We're very excited and optimistic about the future! Thank you to everyone who has donated! We are very grateful!
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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason
Paul and I are very excited that his passport has come so quickly! This means Paul will be in the U.S. for Christmas and soon after will have his initial consultation with Dr. Capla in NYC. Things are moving in the right direction! 
Thanks everyone for your support!
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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason
Paul has his appointment for the initial consultation with the doctor in NY, Dr. Jennifer Capla, set for January. He's been asked to appear on the daytime TV show "The View" and they've offered to pay for his first flight over to the U.S.

Once Paul's had the consultation and raised the money needed, he'll be able to set up the appointment for the first of several operations to remove the excess skin. We'll know better how many operations it will take to accomplish once he's met with the doctor.

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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason
Here is the interview Paul and I did for ITV's This Morning earlier this week.
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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason
Paul and I had a wonderful time on ITV's This Morning yesterday. Everyone at the studio was so wonderful and kind. Peter Andre Even went out of his way to come shake Paul's hand and wish him well. 

Here's a link to the story.
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by Rebecca Mountain and Paul Mason
Paul's documentary from 2010 is now on Netflix! It follows his story leading up to and including his gastric bypass surgery in 2010. He's come such a long way since then!
Title: World's Fattest Man.

Thanks to those who have donated so far! Any amount helps! 
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