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Help out the WCR skaters injured in a recent car accident

$15,735raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Tay Q. Down and Yvette Yourmaker Beneficiary: Moby Nipps,Baberaham Lincoln, Janicide Joplin, SeƱorita Slam

This is to help out our girls with their medical costs.

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On Sunday, December 15th, on the way to the Windy City Rollers annual awards ceremony, a car carrying four skaters  -  Irene (Seniorita Slams), Maggie (Janicide Joplin), Carlie (Baberaham Lincoln) and Sarah (Moby Nipps) - was struck head on by a car attempting to evade police. All were injured, and Sarah and her wife Carlie suffered extensive injuries and were hospitalized. Their family, friends and leaguemates are all grateful they are all alive....But medical costs are always a challenge and so we set up a fundraiser to offset medical expenses so they can get healthy (and back on the track!) soon.

Taylor (Tay Q. Down) and Michelle (Yvette Yourmaker)
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by Tay Q. Down and Yvette Yourmaker
Hello All!!

The girls are resting up at home, and had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. We haven't heard too much from them as they are recovering from the concussions they sustained in the accident, so no computer contact. 

Again, a big THANK YOU to all our donors and we hope everyone has had and will have a great holiday!

-Tay Q.-
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by Tay Q. Down and Yvette Yourmaker
Quick update: Nipps has finally been sent home from the hospital where her and Babe can finally start to heal and recover.

Yvette's and my goal is to help our skaters with lowering the costs they'll have to pay out of pocket as we know insurance will not cover all of this. Hospital bills are estimated at $50,000, so we are doing all we can to keep this fundraiser going. We are going to up our goal in hopes of reaching a high amount so we can help cover all four skaters medical bills. This estimate does not include collateral damage of:

1. A totaled minivan that got our skater to work
2. 5 days of medical bills
3. Ambulance and triage care
4. Legal fees
5. Missed days of work

Again we are so thankful of the generosity from our contributors. Please continue to share and post this fundraiser anywhere possible.

-Tay Q.-
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by Tay Q. Down and Yvette Yourmaker
As of today Nipps is still in the hospital, but has been moved from an ICU room to a regular room. She is still having scans taken to make sure everything is clear. These girls are loved by many and they send their "Thank you!" 

I have been brought to tears many times by how generous everyone has been. I "Thank you," on behalf of our league. These donations mean so much to the girls as it will be a slow but healthy recovery and a mess of a trial. 

Again in thank you all, please spread the word if you can and Happy Holidays!
-Tay Q.-

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by Tay Q. Down and Yvette Yourmaker
There has been an amazing and overwhelming amount of support! On behalf of the girls and the league we thank all who have donated already! Please continue to share and support our girls! It's only day one of donations and this is great! Derby love all around!

-Tay Q. Down-
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