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Beneficiary: Omar of Fussy Friends Organizer: Friends of Fussy Friends. (Kayt Hester, Carol McNichol)

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On April 24th 2013, Omar, one of the owners of Fussy Friends, (A pet store in Jersey City NJ that also holds cat adoption events every week)  was stabbed in the store by a madman. He was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries but I have heard that has been downgraded thankfully. We all know Omar and Josef as two sweet guys who love animals and who are trying to get a business off the ground. They are very kind people. Every  Sunday they let local cat rescue groups  do cat adoptions at the store and as a result they have had amazing adoption success. Since 2012 over 45 cats have found their forever homes with the help of Fussy Friends.

We would like to show both Omar and Josef of Fussy Friends that we and the community support them . Fussy Friends is a wonderful asset to Jersey City. Lets treat them like the family they are.  

The money will be collected for as long as we can collect it and given to Omar to help with the mountian of medical expenses and lost wages  this tragic event has caused for him. Fussy friends is an important part of our community here in Jersey City. 
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