Help newborn twins, River and Parsons Crow

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Beneficiary: Eryn, Bart, Townes, River, and Parsons Crow Organizer: Natali Jones, Lindsay Lipscomb, Stacy Johnson, Stephanie Ashmore, Brooke Elmore, Rachel Hutchison, Kally Crow, and Linsey McNew

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On Jan 13th, 2014, only 6 weeks old, River and Parsons Crow were admitted to the hospital for RSV (respitory syncytial virus).  They tested Parsons too ,just in case, and he also had it, but was treated early enough and is now at home.  River, unfortunately caught the worst of it, including pneunomia to top it all off, and was in the hospital on mutliple machines, tests, ect for two weeks. Fortunately, they are both home and River is ok.  Both boys are starting their psyical therapy next week, but now all the bills come rolling in too...
A group of Eryn and Barts friends are coming togetehr to raise money to help them cover the medical expenses that are still going up.  They didn't know we were doing this.  They have both given so much to their friends, family, and for other causes.  Now we want to help them.  
When River came down with Pneumonia and has had to have a breathing and feeding tubes. They had to paralize his body until he got over the worst part.  He was working so hard to fight everything, that it was getting worse, so they had no choice but to let him sleep and let the machines do all of the work.  There were so many scary moments, but thanks to countless prayers, River is off the breathing machine and his eyes are open! Still not completely in the clear, he still has a feeding tube in, but heading in the right direction!  Eryn finally got to hold him for the first time ;)
Now on day 11 and they are still in the hospital and Eryn has not left Rivers side.  They are an amazing family and we want to help them out.  Even the smallest amount $5, $10... anything will help.  
My heart breaks for any family that has gone through this.  Thank you for reading this and any way your able to help.

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