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Help Mia Receive Stem Cell Treatment

€4,784raised of €5,750 goal

Organizer: Jennifer Jackson Beneficiary: Mia Herranen

Mia has a debilitating and incurable neurodegenerative disease Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1. Stem cell treatment is her only chance of improving her symptoms and delaying their progression.

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Mia Herranen, who lives in Helsinki, Finland, with her beloved Saluki dog Tristan, lost her father to Spinocerebellar Ataxia when she was a young girl. Her own diagnosis was confirmed by genetic testing after symptoms appeared in her 30s. The average prognosis for this condition is only 10 years and Mia is well into her third year.
Mia, now aged 41, struggles daily with her coordination, balance and fine motor skills. Her mobility will continue to detriorate until she will not be able to walk unassisted and ultimately she will require a wheelchair. A new symptom she also has to contend with is dysphagia - this means her ability to swallow and clear her throat is compromised. 
To her credit, Mia always maintains a positive outlook with remarkable courage and grace. She has consulted many doctors and specialists seeking advice. Unfortunately conventional medicine has nothing to offer and there is, sadly, no cure.
The best alternative treatment option is stem cell treatment. This could improve and slow down the progression of Mia's symptoms. This therapy has already helped other patients with this disease. They have experienced a marked reduction in the severity of their symptoms; improvements which have been sustained for some time. 
A clinic in New Zealand offers the most preferred technique by using one's own cells and it also has the most competitive pricing.

Mia expressly wishes that donations are only what is affordable, such as $5, $10 or $20. Of course larger gifts are very welcome also. All funds go directly to Mia without deduction. Our goal of $5,750 euros is to cover the cost of treatment.
Thank you.

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by Jennifer Jackson
Our fundraiser will be extended one final time as we hope for a few more donations to come in. Mia now has a date confirmed in New Zealand for treatment! Any last minute help to get her here will be very gratefully received. Thanks to all! 

by Jennifer Jackson
Thank you very much to everyone who has supported Mia. Together we've raised a good portion of the funds she needs for treatment. Her Facebook page will be kept updated with her progress at

by Jennifer Jackson
Only a few days left, please help Mia! Any size donation is more than welcome and thank you so much to all of our 98 supporters so far!

by Jennifer Jackson
Please see our Facebook page for a selection of beautiful nature photographs that can be yours in exchange for a donation! And if you have already donated, please message if you would like one.

by Jennifer Jackson
Internet bank transfers are also possible if you don't wish to use Paypal or a credit card, please message for details! 

by Jennifer Jackson
Mia is very humbled and deeply grateful for donations received so far and also the support she's received in the form of messages, FB page likes, and the sharing of posts. Thanks everyone! Keep up the good work :)

by Jennifer Jackson
To those who have chosen to donate anonymously or not leave an email address, this is a personal note from Mia that she wished everyone who donates to have:
"Thank you so much for your generous donation. Your contribution will help make it possible for me to be able to go for stem cell treatment. Without people like you this would not be possible. I'm so grateful. All I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Mia Herranen

by Jennifer Jackson
A big thank you to those who have donated already and got this fundraiser started!





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