Help me and my "Puppy Parlor" friends to get proper medical!

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Imagine for a moment that you were born in and spent your entire life in a tiny jail cell: you have no room to move around, nowhere to go to the bathroom, no good food or fresh water. You’ve never been hugged or touched; you don’t know what sunlight on your face or grass under your feet feels like.


My name is Folgers, and until recently this is the only miserable life 34 of my friends and I knew. We were kept in cages in the back room of the Puppy Parlor, a “pet store” that recently closed in Lisle, Ill. We were saved by the Almost Home Foundation and are finally learning what real life in real homes with people who care about us feels like. Many of us were terrified, and we needed to learn basic things that all dogs should know like how to go to the bathroom outside and go for a walk on a leash. We’re so grateful for the second chance we’ve been given and the love we’re finally receiving.


There are many volunteers who have opened their homes and hearts to help socialize us and prepare us for furever homes. But Almost Home Foundation needs more help to give us the care we desperately need. Our medical bills are stacking up very quickly; we never received adequate care and unfortunately repairing years of neglect is expensive. Even basic veterinary care for 35 of us is costly: we all needed to be spayed or neutered and every one of us needed dental cleanings to take care of our neglected teeth.


Some of us required even more medical help. I needed to see a specialist for a dramatic hip surgery to alleviate pain from hip dysplasia. My friend Bisbee is on medications for the next month because he has an illness similar to what one might get from a tick and can’t be neutered until he’s healthier. No one knows how he could have been exposed to such an illness, but he’s getting the care he needs to help him recover.


We’re all so lucky and fortunate to be getting the help we need and the love we’ve always wanted. Any monetary help you could offer to our friends at Almost Home Foundation who have given us so much already would be greatly appreciated. Every dollar helps and is tax deductible. It will help cover our extensive medical costs and allow Almost Home to continue saving more dogs and cats like us in the future. We also have a few upcoming fabulous events coming up that will help raise more funds for us and others in AHF’s care: TEXAS HOLD ‘EM POKER TOURNAMENT and RED CARPET DINNER SHOW.  Please join us! 


We still can’t believe we’ve been given this new chance. It hasn’t been easy, but we’re making great progress and we’re finally on the path to great lives that all animals deserve. If you’re interested in adopting any of us, please get in touch with our friends at Almost Home Foundation. Thank you for your support!

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