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Help Mark, Suzie and Garrett

$8,765raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Family and Friends Beneficiary: Mark & Suzanne Ventress

Please help us help them! Mark was diagnosed with Lupus, Wegener's Disease and End Stage Renal Disease within days of getting married. This amazing family that would do anything for anyone needs us!

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One day at a time...

We the friends and family of Mark Ventress and Suzanne Ventress are doing a fundraiser to help pay some of their medical bills.  Mark has been diagnosed with Wegener's Disease, Lupus and End Stage Renal Disease.  As a newly married couple you can imagine how devastating these diagnoses have been. 

Please join us!!  October 25th.
The Hilton Exempt 137 South Ave. Hilton, Ny 14468
Pasta dinner at 6:30

DJ starts at 8:00pm

Many incredible items have been donated by local businesses, friends and family. 

Some of the amazing raffles and silent auction items:  Gift Cards for Physical Graffiti, Massage Envy, Jeremiah's.  Salon Eleganza, J. William Jeweler, Performing Hair Salon (pedicures), Apple Bees, West Ridge Shops, Homemade Brandy, Under Armour, Child's Train Table with Thomas trains and track, Amerks hats, windbreaker and fleece, Seneca Park Zoo Membership.  Gift cards for restaurants, bed and breakfast.  A beautiful king size quilt.  And an amazing 3 night stay in NYC!!!


Adults $15
Children $10 under 10

Donate on here (Click on the Give Now button) but make sure you COMMENT that you are coming to the fundraiser we will have a list at the door. 

Also if you are unable to make it you can donate on here as well.

Thank you for caring!

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by Family and Friends
Marks update after the fundraiser:  Wow. You people amaze me! All of my wonderful family, all of my unbelievable friends, all of you that came to the fundraiser last night (and those that were unable to be there in person, but were there in spirit) you are THE BEST! I cannot ever explain how lucky I am to have you all in my life. Thank you.
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by Family and Friends
Mark's latest post:

Hello & how are you?

I just sent this note out to e-mail contacts (many of which do not have FB.)  Just thought I should share here as well!

I want to make sure I make the effort to stay in contact with people understand how you are doing.  It is so easy to get caught up in the daily happenings for each of us that I lose touch. 

I hope you are doing well.    Everyone has challenges in life and I want to give you a quick overview of what I am going through right now. I may have already updated you but just in case here is the very high level of things for me.

June 2013 - got re-married to the greatest woman in the world! Suzanne Wood- now Ventress (YES she really is!!)

Next day - Hospitalized for a week  - Diagnosed with 2 auto-immune diseases

Released -made it two days, then -back in due to Kidney failure for 5 days - Diagnosed with End Stage renal failure.

July 2013 -started Hemodialysis as an outpatient
July 2013 - Needless to say work was impacted and I am now starting over again.

August - LOTS of doctors, Lab Tests, Blood Transfusions, Scans, etc.

September 2013 - no more Short term disability, Start looking for some type of job I can do while adjusting to dialysis

October 2013 - started a new Job, long way to go, but headed in the right direction
October 2013- surgery completed to allow Peritoneal Dialysis (which I can do at home) - this will allow me to control my schedule better and fit in work and much needed home time!

Next - ????? not sure, but I do know it will be interesting

It truly has been an INTERESTING year.  Life has a way of continuingly challenging you, but NEVER give up.  I have been astonished by the level of support and caring that people have extended to me throughout this journey.

It is strange to think such a difficult thing truly is teaching me to LOVE my life. Dispite all I am in a very happy place, and am going to make this life GREAT!

So please NEVER GIVE up, and if you have a difficult situation talk to someone. You can contact me if you would like to just talk about it.  We all need help some time , so take it!!

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by Family and Friends
Mark's latest update....Made it through my surgery Tuesday, then work on Wednesday, but I was sore!!  Just had a follow-up with the Peritoneal Dialysis
(PD) nurse to change the bandages....looking good and the soreness is almost gone.  First delivery of supplies this weekend, Education on PD next week, almost ready to try this next chapter in the SAGA.  It should make scheduling much easier for work!

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by Family and Friends
Mark's lates update: WAS a good day.  I received a job offer from Thompson Hospital (Canadagiua).  I will be responsible for reporting, software maintenance/upgrades, and project improvements for HR/Benefits/Payroll and others areas as needed.  I have paperwork/physical and benefits sign up next week, then I start on the 23rd!!  This is great...the routine will help me with management of my disease, and I can start working on the HUGE hole we are in with medical bills.  A tough road still ahead, but headed in the right direction!!!
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