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Jeff Nepola is a 36 year old loving husband and father.  He and his wife, Danielle Budka-Nepola, have a 2 year old daughter and a brand new baby boy.  In October 2012, after Danielle witnessed odd behavior and took him to the ER, Jeff was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery to have it removed.  Upon removal, it was found to be cancerous and doctors determined a second brain surgery was necessary to remove what remained.  This surgery took place just 3 months later in January 2013.  At this time, the doctors found that the cancer was stage 4 (Glioblastoma). The very next month, February 2013, Danielle gave birth to their second child, a beautiful baby boy, and began her maternity leave.  That same month, Jeff began 6 weeks of intensive chemotherapy and radiation and, due to the side effects, was unable to keep working.  This month, while trying to recover from the debilitiating effects of his treatment, Jeff also began his yearlong treatment of one week of chemotherapy per month.

At this time, Jeff has applied for permanent disability, but it will be several months before the process is complete.  Jeff and Danielle are blessed to have the support of family and friends in their area who are assisting with the children and dinners.  However, with one limited income, they are struggling to pay their mortgage and monthly bills in addition to added medical expenses.  I believe we can make a difference for their family by sharing this site with all of our family and friends.  Even a small donation will have a positive impact on thier lives and the lives of their beautiful babies.

PLEASE NOTE: The administrator of funds is John Budka (Jeff's father-in-law). You will see this name appear when checking out via PayPal and on your credit card statement.

If you would rather donate by check, please mail to:
Jeffrey Nepola
c/o John Budka
937 Kinderkamack Road
River Edge, NJ 07661



by Gina Bursch

Jeff left early in the morning on January 12, 2014.  Danielle was with him every step of the way, fighting for and with him, comforting him and loving him.  Jeff's family extends their heartfelt thanks to all who have walked with them in this time of darkness and who were there to celebrate the times of great light.

Please visit the Obituary to read the beautiful story of Jeff's life and the family he leaves behind.

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by Gina Bursch

12/24/13 – Update

We would first like to thank everyone for your prayers and good wishes over the past months.  Your support means more than you could know.  Jeff was beating back the brain cancer when he was recently given an additional diagnosis of stage 4 intestinal cancer.  Since this diagnosis, Jeff has spent time in the hospital and at home with his family.  Danielle is on an extended leave from work to assist in caring for his needs.  We ask you to send your prayers and good thoughts for strength, healing and comfort to Jeff and his family. 

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by Gina Bursch

Since this fundraiser began, there have been over 183 shares on Facebook, 71 people have sent emails to their friends and family, and we quickly reached our original goal!

There are no words to express how much this means to them. We have already been able to help cover their expenses until Jeff's disability benefits begin.

Danielle has returned to work but her responsibilities at home will not lessen. She will be unable to work full-time due to doctor's appointments and treatments that Jeff cannot handle alone. Jeff's treatment will continue for at least the next year. I know we can continue to help this family by alleviating the stress of expenses so they can be prepared for whatever struggles come their way and have the opportunity to create as many happy memories as possible

Rather than end the fundraiser at a specific date, it will be left open for a year so anyone who would like to help can use this site. Please continue to send your prayers...share with your family and friends...please post on your FACEBOOK page! Let's see how much of an impact we can make for Jeff, Danielle and their family!

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