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Help Jay Oestreich (aka CJ Jam) Flip Off Cancer!!!

$1raised of $5,000 goal

Organizer: Chris Hamre-Drake Beneficiary: Jay Oestreich

We are helping Jay Oestreich (aka CJ Jam) Flip off Cancer by raising money for the numerous medical bills that come with a cancer diagnosis. Please donate to his benefit. Lets show cancer who's boss!

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Hi, My name is Jay but to all my friends I’m “CJ JAM”. I have enjoyed playing music and managing sound and lights for bands for many years. Recently however, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. As many of you probably know colon cancer is a leading cause of death for men and unfortunately mine made it to my lymph nodes which makes it even worse. I have done everything I am supposed to from colon surgery to remove the affected portion to chemotherapy. However my next battle is the financial one that comes along with many cancer diagnoses. I have had a pretty tough time and working is almost impossible with my side effects of the very aggressive cancer treatments I am undergoing. I have always been one to make it on my own however financially I am slowly losing the battle. I’m not one to usually ask but I could use all the help I could get.

Please….. Donate today and help me to flip off cancer.



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