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Florida based TQ and Sprint Car driver Geoff Styner suffered a near fatal accident while competing at Full Throttle Speedway on May 4, 2013. Geoff was pulling double duty this night, scheduled to compete in the FMARA TQ feature as well as the TBARA feature in his #15 sprint car.

During the TQ feature, the car suffered a mechanical failure while in the turn, the car turned on to its side and went into the wall at a high rate of speed, cage first. The cage collapsed during the impact and Geoff's helmet also made impact with the wall.

Geoff did emerge from the car under his own power, but he did collapse on track, complaining of back and head pain and also difficulty breathing. While the track did have three EMTs on site, it did not have an ambulance on site and while the EMT staff did stabilize him, there was a considerable wait for the ambulance and fire trucks. Then there was a wait for the helicopter that then flew Geoff out to the nearest trauma facility.

Geoff has a shattered C1 vertabrae, punctured lung and a cracked sternum. The neurosurgeon said this type of injury usually ends in a funeral, so Geoff is very lucky. Geoff has had surgery to have a halo installed and he will have to wear the halo for about four months and will probably be out of work longer than that, so this will obviously be quite the burden on the Styners.

In addition to the incredible medical bills involved, Geoff will be out of work during this time and most likely continue to be out of work once the halo has been removed and he will have to go through physical therapy.

Please join us in donating to help our fellow racer during this, his time of need. We are very lucky that we did not lose Geoff in this accident, so your help is greatly appreciated.
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