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Help for the bait dog

$6,649raised of $1 goal

Organizer: Home FurEver Beneficiary: Bait Dog

This poor dog was being used as a bait dog. She was almost hit by a truck and was being tormented by people before being rescued.

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This poor soul is a bait dog. She is on her way to Wilson's right now. She wagged her tail and gave kisses when she was rescued. She is such a doll and has a wonderful spirit. Please say a prayer and we will update when we know more.  Though we don't know what her estimated vet cost will be, we are hoping to raise enough to cover her long stay at the vet and her rehabilitation.
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by Home FurEver
Toledo was released from the vet today! We now begin to heal her broken heart and show her that we humans are not to be feared. We can't thank everyone enough for all the support we've received.

by Home FurEver
***Update 05-02-13 on Toledo*** Toledo is doing well.  Spoke to Dr. K and they will be closing her wounds in the next couple days. She is eating and drinking and still on antibiotics. Sounds like they don't need to put in drainage tubes, wh...ich is great news!  We can't thank everyone enough for all the support we've received on behalf of Toledo!! It's been down right amazing!! If you haven't purchased your t shirt from Hendrick Boards you still have plenty of time. $10 of every t shirt will go to Toledo's care.

by Home FurEver
First off, all the volunteers at Home Fur Ever are all humbly overwelmed at the outpouring of suporrt for Toledo.  The generous donations sent towards her care has been unbelievable!  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  As of l...ast night, Toledo still isnt eating, she is dehydrated but she appears to be coming out of shock.  She has air in her lungs and throat from the puncture wounds.  She is still on fluids and anitbiotics.  Our Director will be talking to the vet sometime after 10:00am to see how she did last night.  We will update her progress as soon as we hear more.  God Bless Everybody that is concerned about this girl.  She has along road ahead of her, but we are confident she will survive this and be a beautiful loving dog.

by Home FurEver
Our director just got off the phone with Dr Wilson. She is in shock right now and receiving fluids and antibiotics. She has multiple puncture wounds around her head, neck and chest area. She will require stitches and staples once stabilized. She is about 2 years old and heartworm negative (thank god).





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