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Tony was in an accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury on November 16. He had 3 skull fractures and bleeding in his brain. He has had two emergency surgeries to remove the right and left sides of his skull to help make space for the swelling. They also placed a drain in the center of his brain that will help remove the blood and extra fluid build up. His brain still has a lot of blood on it and we are told it may take weeks before that reabsorbs in the body. He is currently in a medically induced coma, but they are going to ween him slowly so that they can see if he will begin to waken. 

We are holding strong for now. Tony shows some signs of involuntary movements and his pupils are no longer dilated- both goods signs, small but good.  Lydia, Margie and Al have been staying at a hotel nearby and plan to continue spending each day kissing, touching and sending all your/our love to him while he heals. They tell him every message you send and all the love you feel for him. This is something no medicine can give. Thank you ALL again for your continued support, everyone.

This will be a long road to recovery for Tony. The neurosurgeon estimates anywhere between a year to 18 months recovery. Any donation will be helpful and appreciated tremendously. 

For anyone that wants to know where Tony is...he is receiving care at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center.
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