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Help Elisa Beat Cancer / Elisa's Angels

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Organizer: Higgins/Prudente/Wong Beneficiary: Elisa Storke

33 year old wife and new mother, Elisa Storke was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer in November 2013. These donations will help with specialized treatments and travel costs.

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On November 27th, 2013, our dear friend Elisa Storke was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer. This diagnosis came as a shock to both Elisa and her loved ones.

Elisa was admitted to the hospital and upon further testing, it was determined that the cancer had spread to her bones, blood, spine, liver, adrenal glands, lungs and brain. Due to the severity of the cancer located in her spine, she had also suffered several fractured vertebrae.

On December 5th Elisa underwent radiosurgery at Renown to attack the tumor in her brain though high dose radiation. However, to address the rest of the cancer throughout her body, she needed to take a system wide approach. Elisa’s oncologist in Reno suggested she seek out specialized treatment due to the severity of her case. Upon, referral she met with Dr. Daud, a melanoma specialist and co-director of the Melanoma Center at University of California- San Francisco.

As many of you know, Elisa welcomed a beautiful baby boy Dylan in May of 2013. Her dedication to motherhood is paralleled in her work ethic and accomplishments at the University of Nevada Reno and in the Washoe County School District. At 33 years old Elisa has always lead a healthy and active lifestyle; however, due to her current condition she is unable to fully care for her son.

Elisa is a beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister, educator, friend, mentor and community leader.  Her positive outlook and enthusiasm bring inspiration to everyone she encounters.

In the upcoming months, Elisa will endure the greatest fight of her life. As she undergoes intensive medical appointments and treatments, including numerous tests, scans, and examinations she will need the support of her friends, family and community.

As the fight begins, various obstacles have already been encountered. Challenges in working with health insurance companies, frequent travel between Reno and San Francisco and costly medical treatments have resulted in significant financial hardship. 

We as Elisa’s angels are seeking the support of friends, family, colleagues and those interested in joining this cause.

As a community, we can make sure that Elisa gets the best possible treatments available to her regardless of monetary restrictions.  

Her fight is our fight!!!

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by Higgins/Prudente/Wong
Unfortunately, not the great news I was expecting. Tumors in brain have grown slightly. My doc thinks there's a possibility that this may have happened during the lapse of time in between scan and when I actually started double dosage of meds, so we are going to wait one more month on double dosage of meds and reintroduce the other medication back in. If nothing by next month...the next option is the full brain radiation
I continue to feel good, so at times I find it difficult to accept. I so very much appreciate your continued support & well wishes! I will choose to remain positive & optimistic because that helps me enjoy each & everyday to its fullest!
So much love to my angels!!!


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by Higgins/Prudente/Wong
So mixed results: good first-most of my tumors have shrunken; however, they have found more tiny lesions on my brain that may necessitate additional cyber knife radiation. Will have to consult with radiation oncologist this Thursday (3/13) for next steps. Will keep everyone posted, please keep praying! Love you all!!

- Elisa
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by Higgins/Prudente/Wong
Feeling optimistic after recent doc appointments in SF! Meds are kicking in and tumors are starting to shrink! Thank you to everyone for your continued support!!!!

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by Higgins/Prudente/Wong
Happy 2014 everyone! I am feeling incredibly uplifted and hopeful in this New Year as I was able to purchase my first round of medications! They will be arriving by mail tomorrow. This was only made possible by your tremendous generosity and support!!! My family and I cannot thank you enough, we are eternally grateful!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


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