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Doug was twelve years old when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. As he grew older, complications from the disease such as retinopathy, peripheral arterial disease, and renal failure wreaked havoc on his body. Those of us who know and love Doug know that he has never complained about the difficult hand that has been dealt to him. Thirteen years ago, he received the gift of life with a kidney and pancreas transplant. The double organ transplant gave him a new lease on life and he was able to return to doing the things that he loved, which include being a barber and playing the drums. On Thanksgiving morning of 2011, Doug suffered a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to The Ohio State University Medical Center. At that time, it was determined that his transplanted kidney was failing. Doug spent six weeks in Dodd Hall, Ohio State’s premier rehabilitation facility. During his stay, he relearned how to walk and complete everyday tasks. In true Doug fashion, his first request was for his sister to bring in a practice pad and some sticks to see if he could still drum. Luckily, he didn’t lose his touch!

As a result of the stroke, Doug has been unable to work and his health has steadily declined. After the disappointing news that his sister, Monica, who shares the same blood type, was not a match, he was put on the kidney transplant list. Doug was told that the average wait time would be around five years, which was time he didn’t have. Doug’s wife, Sonie, knew that her blood type was rare, but was unsure what type it was. Sonie decided to participate in a paired giving program, which would allow her to donate her kidney to a person in need and in return, Doug would also receive a kidney. After extensive testing and cross matching, Ohio State was thrilled to share the news that Sonie could donate her kidney directly to Doug. Finally, a silver lining! The transplant is scheduled for Friday, August 2nd at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

The purpose of this website is to raise funds to help ease the burden of medical bills and everyday living expenses for Doug and Sonie during their recovery. Per doctor’s orders, Sonie will be unable to return to her job at Macy’s for six weeks and her dance studio for twelve weeks. Doug and Sonie have dedicated their lives to serving the community and consistently go above and beyond to help others. They have dealt with Doug’s medical emergencies privately and have never asked for help. So many of their friends have asked what they can do to help and this website gives us an opportunity to provide support to our friends when they need it the most. We always suspected, and now we have confirmation, that Doug and Sonie are truly a match made in heaven.  

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