Help Corinne Beat Cancer

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Beneficiary: Corinne Atwood Organizer: Cathi Maxwell-Atwood, Grace Maxwell Porter, Allison Atwood

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She was just diagnosed with stage four cancer: a rare, aggressive nephroblastoma, more commonly known as "Wilms' tumor." Wilms' is typically found in young children. The cancer starts in the kidney. She needs love, prayers, and support from family, friends, and anyone willing to help this incredible young woman. She is so loved and needed by everyone she knows. 

Your donations will be used for her medical expenses. 

"Corinne is strong-willed, but soft spoken, intelligent and thoughtful. She's always happy to brighten your day even if she's having a bad one. She loves to laugh and will get trapped in hilarious fits of laughter. We're so close. We tell each other everything...I have the most amazing sister in the world. She's been my best friend for 19 years, and she's going to kick cancer's butt!" -Allison Atwood, Corinne's sister & best friend

Corinne is just that: full of life, happy, fun, intelligent, vivacious, spirited, and hilarious. She has grand dreams and an incredible passion for life. She's been studying and performing on cello for eight years. Corinne's passion for dance started when she was just three; Jazz and hip hop rapidly became her favorites, and she continued dancing for 15 years. Don't dare to challenge her at "Just Dance." She can beat anyone. 

Corinne is a soon to be sophomore at the University of Toledo majoring in public relations. She loves New York City and all things Anderson Cooper. She'd love to meet Anderson, but we're all pretty sure she would win his job in a heartbeat. (And we'd be okay with that!) She's driven and talented; she can and will do anything she chooses to do.  

We are hoping to raise the funds to help her with medical expenses and travel expenses related to her medical care. 

If you prefer to donate directly by check, please email Corinne's mom, Cathi, her cousin, Grace, or her sister, Allison, at for more information. 

Thank you for your support! 

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