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Help Jeremy "Boot" Walker Kick Lyme Disease

$1,200raised of $50,000 goal

Organizer: Lisa Keathly Beneficiary: Jeremy Walker

Musician and composer, Jeremy "Boot" Walker, lost his instrument, his livelihood, and his health to a mystery illness. Recently diagnosed w/Lyme Disease, help us raise funds to pay for his treatment.

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Jeremy experienced his first symptoms fifteen years ago. With growing joint pain, weakness, and loss of balance, he was walking with a cane by the age of 35. Neurological challenges affecting his mobility, his speech, and his embouchure (how one holds his lips to the mouthpiece) finally forced him to quit the saxophone, his instrument of 25 years. He struggled through his last gig as a saxophonist at The Nomad Bar on Minneapolis’ West Bank in 2005. 

As is the case with many suffering from Lyme Disease, Jeremy spent years seeking a diagnosis. Doctors explored rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Bell’s palsy, fibromyalgia, brain cancer, and even psychosomatic causes. Although tested for Lyme Disease, the doctors did not detect the illness at that time. With thousands of dollars in medical bills, and the loss of his career as a saxophonist and instructor, Jeremy eventually gave up on a diagnosis and, with the assistance of an alternative medicine practitioner, focused instead on managing his symptoms through acupuncture, acupressure, diet, and exercise. His mobility increased, and he began to teach himself a new instrument - the piano. In 2012, his symptoms worsened. Through the urging of an acquaintance who knew of advances in Lyme Disease testing, Jeremy was again tested and finally diagnosed with late stages Lyme Disease in March 2013. 


Jeremy's medical team is comprised of medical and holistic doctors. Now uninsured, he is looking at potential treatment costs of up to $50,000.

Today Jeremy experiences chronic pain, extreme fatigue, severe tinnitus, and speech and mobility issues. The money raised at the fundraiser listed below, and from this website, will go toward his treatment which will include a combination of traditional and alternative efforts. 

Your donation will help eliminate Jeremy's chronic pain, and restore his health: his mobility, his energy, and his ability to speak and function clearly. 

"How can I thank people enough for their resources and efforts on my behalf? It is overwhelming. And although I cannot find the words to show my appreciation, you can be certain my gratitude will be reflected in my music. It is hard to imagine what my daily life will be like, and how much more music I will be able to create, once I am well." —JEREMY "BOOT" WALKER

A volunteer committee of friends and family formed with the goal to raise funds so that Walker could begin his treatment plan. Ticket sales (minus fees) and on-site donations will be applied to the goal for the evening of $20,000. Tickest are $50 plus fees. The fundraiser will be held at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant where Walker first performed as a saxophonist, where he helped found their Late Night series, and where he now performs as a pianist. For more information or to purchase tickets:

GRAMMY Award nominee TED NASH (Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis) will headline an evening of top shelf entertainment to benefit his longtime friend. Performers include NYC's DAVID BERKMAN, Jeremy's band BOOT CAMP, the ANTHONY COX band HAPPY SPIRITS, singers from MINNESOTA OPERA, and writer and comedian JOSEPH SCRIMSHAW. 

"Because of his determination, Jeremy Walker, still fighting his illness, has become a creative force, and his passion for playing and sharing his music is an inspiration to me." —TED NASH


MORE ABOUT JEREMY "BOOT" WALKER can be found on his website:




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by Lisa Keathly


Fundraiser for Jeremy "Boot" Walker

The fundraiser will be held on Thursday, July 25th at The Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

More information coming soon!

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by Lisa Keathly
Here is more press about Jeremy Walker's 7 PSALMS project.

Jeremy was interviewed by Larry Englund on KFAI. The interview starts at 16 min 30 sec:

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by Lisa Keathly
More information about Jeremy Walker can be found on his music website.
Boot Music
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by Lisa Keathly
Find out more about Jeremy Walker as he talks about his current project, 7 PSALMS, on Minnesota Public Radio.
Jeremy Walker on 7 PSALMS MPR
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by Lisa Keathly
KBEM - JAZZ 88 FM - coverage of Jeremy Walker's Current Project 7 PSALMS.
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by Lisa Keathly
Jeremy Walker tells how he found inspiration in the ancient verses of the Psalms while dealing with this chronic disease.

Jazz composer Jeremy Walker gives an ear to Psalms
Minneapolis Star Tribune
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