Help Bailey Get To Special Skin Clinic in Denver

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If you wish, donations can be made on this website securely with PAYPAL, or can be mailed to: PO BOX 19054 Panama City Beach, FL 32417. Thank you so much for your prayers and considering a donation...Please read Bailey's "story".

When Bailey was just 3, the sickness crept in. He went from a healthy toddler to a sick, sick little boy. His skin constantly inflammed, open and weeping. Next came severe allergies, new medicines, lots of testing, weekly treatments and several hospitalizations.  After nearly 6 1/2 years of trying any means possible, Bailey's doctors had no real solutions to his illness. They know it is immune responses, but have no diagnoses or treatments that we haven't already explored. He has been seen in by specialists in KY, TN, FL and had numerous consultations with other specialists from across the country that partnered with Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. After years of failed attempts of helping him, in the fall of 2011 we moved away from friends and family to settle near the beach where Bailey could have a better atmosphere for his skin. Doctors hoped the sun and salty water would be very healing for Bailey. It has worked wonders for him in the fact that the bath water here doesn't burn him, he gets lots of sunlight (to replace the 3x a week PUVA treatments we were doing back in TN), and the salt water is very healing to his skin. Although it hasn't been a cure, it definitely is more tolerable and he isn't in pain as much as before. The blisters and rashes still get better then worse again, so here we are....just treading water. Barely keeping our heads up. We have recently found that his immune issues are causing allergies to bacteria on his skin {which is almost impossible to completely stay germ free}, so he is having allergic reactions more frequently due to that. Three more drs have seen Bailey since moving here (here in PC, in Orlando, and in Ft. Lauderdale). The consensus seems to be to try the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, CO. We are hoping to be covered by some financial assistance, but it will be a 2-3 week stay and the total cost for the trip is around $40,000 before insurance. We have set our goal at a random amount near what we are told most families end up paying total. We will adjust our goal as more info on our specific bill become clearer. Our bills now are around $16,000 ( some of which are old from hospital stays, testing, and treatments. Then a large chunk for recent test for a genetic disease..which was negative)and the thought of tacking on new bills, flights, hotels, rental cars, and eating out for 2-3 weeks are enough to scare a person to death. Our hope is to raise some money to make this trip happen. I have never been willing to let anyone step up and do a fundraiser for his bills because they were always payable. If we add any more, this is not going to be the case. We are barely paying what we owe now. God is always faithful and has always blessed us more than we deserve. More than anything, we want Bailey to lead a normal, happy childhood. To be able to enjoy playing with friends, going to the beach, all the normal things. His condition limits everything in his life from food to sleep. He has lived his life popping pills, going from dr to dr, shot after shot, treatment after treatment, wet wraps, creams, lotions, allergic reactions, bandages, blisters, peeling skin and pain. Our child has never had a day since the age of 3 when this all started that he wasn't in some sort of pain or bothered by blisters and itching. Thank you so much for reading his story. Please pass along to your friends and family that may be able to help us out. Also, if anyone has experience with a similar condition, please email so we can chat.  Thank you and God Bless! Together we can make this happen.
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