help 6 year old carlos recover from vicious dog attack

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My name is Carlos Alexander Blakely and this year was a very important year in my life.For the very first time i got to go spend time with my biological father and family and grandparents who i love very much on December 30 2012 while i was visiting my family's cabin in Lancaster California i was attacked by 4 Vicious dogs.This dogs bit half of my scalp and scarred me for life they bit a piece of my ear off and the right side of my face leaving my face cut open from my ear to my mouth cutting one of the nerves from my mouth now i can only talk with half of my mouth they bit me all over my body legs and arms i now has stitches everywhere the Dr that did my surgery had suggested cosmetic surgery my mommy is a single mother of 4 kids if you find it in your heart to donate to my account so i can have a chance of living a normal life we would all appreciate it God bless everyone .......
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