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Hear me Roar

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Organizer: Natalie Campos Beneficiary: Hear me Roar

This page was set up to help Mikaela's parents pay for medical costs. This is just a small way that you can help Mikaela and her parents. All your help is greatly appreciated.**Thank you**

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Originally when Mikaela was hospitalized we were told it may be hip/ joint issues. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine what the diagnosis would really be! Mikaela was diagnosed with stage 4 germ cell tumors on Christmas Eve 2013. Chemo was immediatly administered and she is currently still in treatment. The following is an email that was sent from Mikaela's parent's notifying them of her diganosis:

    We are writing to you with a heavy heart that us as parents would have to let all of you know that our sweet Mikaela has been diagnosed with sacrococcygeal tumor (germ cell tumors). Fortunatly we are in great hands here at Morristown Medical Center's Goryeb Children's Hospital. Her doctors and staff have worked restlessly to come up with a diagnosis and start treatment right away. The next few months will consist of 4-6 courses of treatment in which we spend some time in the hospital and sometime at home. We are all very optimistic that this treatment will help Mikalea and we can all put this behind us. We ask for your prayer and support during this difficult time as we will  continue to send you all updates. We love and thank you all .

love the Santos Family.

**Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and donations. We will never forget it.. ** 

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