Healing for Emerson

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Organizer: Natalie Chilton Beneficiary: Josh, Samantha and Emerson Meredith

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Sweet Emerson was diagnosed on 6/17/13 with leukemia and is currently seeking treatment at Cooks Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  Her loving family will be with her every step of her journey and will need all the support they can get.  

Additional information to come.


by Natalie Chilton
From the Team Emerson page via FB:
So we have an official diagnosis! Emerson has Pre B ALL. She is considered high risk because her white blood count was so high when we came in (65,000 should have been under 15,000). She is responding really well to the chemo. Yesterday we played in the playroom down the hall. Today we will be visiting build a bear and maybe going outside. Tomorrow she will get another dose of chemo. Thank you for all of the prayers, comments, and support! It is very encouraging to us!
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