Hard to Ask for Help...

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Beneficiary: Marsha, Corbin and Carson Beisley Organizer: Dustin Beisley

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So, I've always been one not to ask for help.  I've always pulled through with the help of those around me and most importantly, Jehovah my God.  My Wife Marsha and sons Corbin and Carson all have a Genetic disorder.  It has many faces but one gene HBLA27 causes them all.  The main disease is Anklyosing Spondilytus.  Basically my wife and sons body attacks themselves.  They have numerous auto immune diseases...Chrons, neuropathy, Lupus, Congestive Heart failure...My wife is the most advanced of them all.  8 years ago she was told she had 5-12 years of quality life left.  Recently, she has had several mini stokes that have been affecting her memory.  On top of that, her treatments have caused her to develop lymphoma.  She is literally the strongest person I know.  She pushes through things that most people won't.  There is no lack of motivation for me to do anything because all I have to do is look to her for inspiration.

Here is the reason I am looking for help...My wife's infusions are very expensive ($3000 every month) I recently have had a bad swing of jobs and have had to pay COBRA insurance just for her.  My newest place of employment has benefits, yet I have a $6000 deductible to meet. With this new job and added expenses we have fallen behind on our finances as well.

Our boat is up for sale as well to help offset these things, if you are interested, please let me know.  it's an 08 Yamaha 212X

We need to make this deductible, and pay bills so please help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and your consideration.

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