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Carly has been a student in Katy ISD since kindergarten. She attended Schmalz Elementary, Mayde Creek Jr. High, and is currently a senior at Mayde Creek High School. She has played club volleyball in the Katy/Houston area and was a setter on the Varsity Volleyball team at Mayde Creek High School. She has plans to attend UTSA or Texas State to pursue a degree in sports management. She lives in Katy with her mother and her little Weenie dog.

This summer, Carly was having some pain in her shoulder. She saw a doctor about the pain and was diagnosed and treated for tendinitis. The pain continued to get worse and worse as the days went on. They saw a doctor again and he recommended an MRI. Little did they know their lives were about to change. The MRI revealed a rapid growing mass in her shoulder and the doctor recommended her to make an appointment at MD Anderson for further tests. After a series of tests, they discovered that she has osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Treatment would begin immediately. The night before she was to get surgery to have a port put in for the chemotherapy, she began having trouble breathing. X-rays revealed fluid around her lungs. Surgery was cancelled and 2 chest tubes put in which drained 6 liters of fluid off her lungs. The day after she got her chest tubes she started her chemotherapy. She's battled nausea and vomiting but nothing has been worse than the side effect of thrush in the mouth. She recently started her 2nd round of chemo and is working hard to eat and gain the weight she has lost. She is in for a long battle - 9 months of chemo with possible radiation. She will have surgery at some point to remove the tumor from her shoulder.

Carly said from the start, "I don't want to know statistics, percentages or stages. I just want to know what I have to do to kick cancers ass!"

Anyone that knows Carly knows how tough and determined she is. She's a redhead and a Taurus! Cancer doesn't have a chance!!

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers as Carly battles this awful disease.

GINGER STRONG- Fight like a redhead!!!!

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