Fundraiser for Aidan Knarr Memorial Fund

$425raised of $60,000 goal

Beneficiary: Sue Davis Organizer: Sue & Ian Davis

This fundraiser is closed
You gave me the strength i needed during that time of loss and healing, you helped me through the hard times we fell upon, with your smile and goofiness just to make us laugh and wondering caring green eyes...I miss you so much! I wish i could hold you again in my arms and tell you how much you mean to me again. 

You were always a great friend to have to those in school who were being picked on you liked to save them from the hurt or harm from another individual yes the school district frowned on it, but baby you were very brave! You made me proud sticking up for those who couldnt do it themselves, simply by being you. I know your friends will miss you as well.

Aidan was a kindhearted kid, whom loved to skateboard, ride bikes, ride the 4 wheeler, he was very outdoorsy loved going swimming at the lake, camping and was very curious. He will always be remembered, never forgotten!

We love you so much!

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